Complete 2011 WWE Draft results

An historic 2011 WWE Draft began on the April 25 edition of Raw and concluded the following day exclusively on Find out which brand your favorite Superstars and Divas now call home, then share your thoughts with the rest of the WWE Universe on Facebook and Twitter by using #WWEDraft.

30. Sheamus to SmackDown

It’s hard to name a Superstar who rose through the ranks as quickly as former WWE Champion Sheamus. The current reigning United States Champion and 2010 King of the Ring will certainly change the entire SmackDown landscape. Whoever crosses his path better be prepared for a fight.



29. Beth Phoenix to Raw

As one of the most dominating Divas in history, Beth Phoenix wasted no time carving out a name for herself ever since her debut in 2006. The former Women's Champion made a major statement when she became the second Diva in history to compete in the traditional Royal Rumble in 2010. The Raw Diva locker room has been put on notice. The Glamazon is coming back to where she began in 2006.


28. Alex Riley to SmackDown
In perhaps the most stunning move of the WWE Draft, Alex Riley is leaving the side of WWE Champion The Miz and heading to Friday nights. How might this move affect Miz’s Triple Threat Match at Extreme Rules? And, will Riley continue on as Miz’s Vice President of Corporate Communications? Regardless of what the future holds, The Miz has certainly brought the young Superstar along for one awesome ride.


27. Tyler Reks to Raw
He’s big, strong and has his own distinctive look. What Tyler Reks needs now is the right moment to break through in WWE. Will he find it under the glaring lights of the Raw stage?




26. Tamina to SmackDown
Carrying on the high-flying legacy of her father, WWE Hall of Famer "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, Tamina has a penchant for climbing the turnbuckle and punishing her opponents with the type of dazzling aerial offense her dad made famous. Who or what will she set her sights on in 2011?



25. Tyson Kidd to SmackDown
If you've been watching the current season of WWE Tough Enough, you’ve received a glimpse of the training and dedication it takes to become a WWE Superstar. Having trained in the legendary Hart Family Dungeon, Tyson Kidd received the skills he needed to become a Unified Tag Team Champion and a WWE Tag Team Champion. Certainly if anyone is poised for singles success, it is Kidd.


24. Ted DiBiase to SmackDown
It is harder to find a Superstar with a richer past. Not only is Ted DiBiase the son of WWE Hall of Famer "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, but he is the grandson of "Iron" Mike DiBiase. Expectations are high for this young man. His list of accomplishments already includes winning the World Tag Team Championship and starring in The Marine 2. Is 2011 the year DiBiase finally claims a singles championship?


23. Kofi Kingston to Raw
After losing the Intercontinental Championship in early 2011, Kofi Kingston is one of the hungriest Superstars in all of WWE. Kingston knows how it feels to be a champion, and more importantly, what it takes to get there. It’s most likely not a matter of if, but when, Kingston rises again on Raw.



22. Jey Uso to SmackDown
Jey Uso’s bloodline includes such in-ring legends as his father Rikishi, great uncles The Wild Samoans and multi-time WWE Champion The Rock. With twin brother Jimmy also coming to Friday nights, the SmackDown landscape has changed dramatically.



21. Chris Masters to Raw
He’s big, he’s powerful and has one of the most lethal holds in all of WWE with his Master Lock. With the opportunity to showcase his talents on Monday nights, can Masters finally elevate his career to the next level?


20. Curt Hawkins to Raw

If slow and steady wins the race, Curt Hawkins has been doing everything right. Ever since his move from tag team competition to singles action, Hawkins has continually shown he has the right skills and desire to shine. Now that he is in the Raw spotlight, will he finally put it all together and make a name for himself?


19. Natalya to SmackDown

Trained in the legendary Hart Family Dungeon, the extremely talented third-generation Diva has carried on her family's legacy with grace, style and painful precision. Now, the pink and black Diva brings the Sharpshooter back to SmackDown, ready to give the competition a full dose of Hart.

18. Drew McIntyre to Raw
Signed to SmackDown by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and instantly deemed The Chosen One, the brutal McIntyre ruthlessly battled his way into WWE success, including capturing the illustrious Intercontinental Championship. Now, The Sinister Scotsman heads to Raw, ready to fulfill the full prophecy of his greatness. 


17. Yoshi Tatsu to SmackDown
A favorite of the WWE Universe, the gifted Japanese performer proudly carries the full spirit of the Land of the Rising Sun as he competes with WWE's ring warriors around the globe. Showing off his extraordinary kicks and exciting style, Tatsu leaps into the explosive world of SmackDown ready to make some noise.


16. William Regal to SmackDown
Besides being a highly decorated Superstar, the distinguished battler from Blackpool, England, has truly established himself as one of WWE's most sadistic grapplers, taking great pleasure in torturing his adversaries with stiff strikes and brutal submission holds. SmackDown just got a lot more painful.


15. Alicia Fox to SmackDown
As if SmackDown wasn't stunning enough, it is about to receive A-Fox. With a reign as Divas Champion and an overabundance of confidence, this elegant beauty has showed – without a doubt – that she has what it takes to make SmackDown sizzle.


14. JTG to Raw
The high-octane JTG has used his street tough style and off-the-wall attitude to truly shake up SmackDown and WWE Superstars alike. Now, the hip-hop hero brings his action-packed mixture of mayhem and mischief back to WWE's flagship show. Brooklyn, Brooklyn!

13. Kelly Kelly to Raw
One of the most beautiful Divas in WWE, Kelly Kelly has proven herself to be just as awe-inspiring since journeying to SmackDown. And now that she is returning to Raw to challenge all comers with her devastating K-2 legdrop and endless spirit, could a Divas Championship be in the blonde bombshell's future?

12. Jimmy Uso to SmackDown
Coming from a long line of Samoan Superstars, which includes WWE Hall of Famers The Wild Samoans, his father Rikishi and even multi-time WWE Champion The Rock, Jimmy Uso and his twin brother Jey have wreaked havoc during their short time in WWE. Now, he makes his way to SmackDown, the perfect place for this electrifying Superstar to move to the next.


11. The Great Khali to SmackDown
Any Superstar hoping to make it in WWE must move mountains. But, who will dare try to budge Friday Night's international tower of turbulence The Great Khali? The enormous Superstar returns to SmackDown ready to lay to Punjabi Plunge on any Superstar with enough guts to get in the ring with him.

10. Jack Swagger to Raw
A former World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger has recently split his time between training the outspoken Michael Cole and delivering merciless devastation in the squared circle. It remains to be seen what will happen when The All-American American brings his vicious nature and his dreaded ankle lock to Monday Night Raw.


9. Daniel Bryan to SmackDown
With a United States Championship reign to his credit, the dynamic Superstar with absolute heart and the full-backing of the WWE Universe charges headlong into SmackDown. Armed with the devastating LeBell Lock and a fierce thirst for competition, Bryan promises to be a dangerous addition to Friday night.

Drafts made on the April 25 edition of Raw
(Raw results):

8. John Cena to Raw

In one unprecedented night, the entire WWE Universe witnessed John Cena move from Raw to SmackDown and back to Raw again.




7. Alberto Del Rio to Raw
After leaving his elitist mark all over on SmackDown, the ultimate Superstar of destiny makes his way to WWE's flagship show.




6. Big Show to Raw

He’s The World’s Largest Athlete and one of the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions along with Kane. Certainly, the entire Raw locker room took notice when it was announced this dominating force is coming to Monday nights.



5. Sin Cara to SmackDown
After premiering on Monday Night Raw, Sin Cara descends on Friday nights, where his incredible arsenal of jaw-dropping maneuvers is sure to help him rise to the top of his game.



4. Mark Henry to SmackDown

The entire SmackDown roster braces itself as it is announced that The World's Strongest Man is going blue.




3. Randy Orton to SmackDown

As one of the most dangerous Superstars in WWE, Randy Orton has torn through many opponents on Raw. Now, he brings his style of fighting to the blue brand. Who dares cross paths with The Viper?




2. Rey Mysterio to Raw
With one of the most impressive championship resumes in all of WWE, Rey Mysterio is a major force to be reckoned with. The Master of the 619 is sure to make an impact when he soars onto Raw.




1. John Cena to SmackDown 
The 2011 WWE Draft kicked off with perhaps the biggest move of all when it was announced John Cena was coming back to where he started on SmackDown.

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