Jimmy Uso: Bio

Jimmy Uso

If all you know of WWE is what you see on Total Divas, Jimmy Uso is a loving, kind-hearted husband with a heart of gold. The ring, however, paints a very different picture.

Along with his twin brother Jey, Jimmy has caused nightmares for the WWE Tag Team division for years. Initially a hard-working team with under-the-radar buzz, The Usos eventually fulfilled their WWE Hall of Fame lineage by winning the WWE Tag Team Titles — and twice winning the Tag Team of the Year Slammy — soaring across the ring in tassels and war paint.

But once the New Era rolled around, they went back to basics, ditching the crowd-pleasing attitude that put them on the map for a sparse, brutal move set and dark black hoodies that signaled a new look and a new attitude for The Usos. It immediately paid dividends, as the brothers became three-time SmackDown Tag Team Champions in 2017 alone (their battles with The New Day in 2017 were all instant classics) and later added a fourth title reign in 2019 before moving to Raw in the 2019 Superstar Shake-up. 

They’re done with putting on a happy act, but as long as they have each other — the only two who have been down since Day One — Jimmy and Jey will continue to soar.

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