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Chelsea Green

Go ahead and get your manager - because Chelsea Green would like a word.

"Do you know who I am?" is her common rebuttal, but as Chelsea Green continues to stack up championship gold, she's quickly becoming a household name on the red brand. Green made a surprise return in the 2023 Royal Rumble Match and immediately took the WWE Universe by storm. Whether it's berating Adam Pearce or her opponents in the ring, Green has made a habit of having the last word since joining the red brand.

With a laundry list of perceived slights always at the ready, Green found a kindred spirit in Sonya Deville. The two would go on to win the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles by defeating Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez on the July 17, 2023 episode of Raw. After Deville suffered an ACL injury, it appeared that Green's title run may be cut short. Green took to social media to call for auditions to be her new partner and ride in style alongside the champion, but it was Piper Niven who took matters into her own hands and demanded her addition. The two hit the ground running, as Niven delights in taking out the long line of enemies that are trailing Green. 

Call her a "Karen" if you want, but you better call her champion while you're at it. 

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