Sami Zayn: Bio

Sami Zayn

A Canadian-born Superstar of Syrian descent, Sami Zayn brought with him an experience level matched by few when he arrived in WWE. After all, how many Superstars can say they have competed in a staggering 29 countries?

Known as an honorable competitor who approached situations with a lighthearted, fun-loving attitude, Zayn changed his tune at WWE Hell in Cell 2017 when he interfered in the main event and helped his old friend Kevin Owens to overcome SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon.

From that moment on, Zayn and his greatest-rival-turned-closest-ally began to strut around SmackDown LIVE, displaying chips on their shoulders, complaining that they were being treated unfairly and mocking everyone in sight.

Like him of loathe him, no one could afford to underestimate Zayn’s intensity in the squared circle. His in-ring presence incorporates an eclectic blend of styles, from his explosive aerial moves to his hard-hitting strikes. Simply put, Zayn is capable of taking down any Superstar on the roster — an ability he has displayed in show-stealing matches against the likes of Owens, Cesaro and John Cena.

There was no telling how far Sami could have gone on SmackDown LIVE, but his run on the blue brand was cut short when he and Kevin Owens were fired by General Manager Daniel Bryan on March 20, 2018. However, in a stunning turn of events, the 2018 Superstar Shake-up and a letter from Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon made Zayn and Owens part of Raw.

Zayn spent several months on the shelf due to an injury, but he returned to Raw the night after after WrestleMania 35, sporting a new look and a new attitude. After failing to defeat Finn Bálor for the Intercontinental Championship in his return match that night, Zayn lashed out at the WWE Universe, vowing to hold them all accountable for their "ugliness" and proclaiming that he would see them in hell. After several more tongue-lashings, Zayn became something of a spokesperson for Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and has been lavishing praise on WWE's Rockstar and antagonizing his opponents ever since.

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