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WWE Hall Of Fame Results : Full Details


Goldberg spears his way into WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018

Inducted by Brock Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman, who had a close up look for his client’s epic battles with Goldberg, the dominant Superstar arrived in classic Goldberg style (police escort and all) to take his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Goldberg reflected on his transition from football to sports-entertainment, thanking WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page for his influential role in helping him break in. The Man then looked back on his time in WCW, both his highs and the company’s lows, as he reminisced on all those he worked with during his iconic run in World Championship Wrestling.

Goldberg then looked back at his time in WWE and interacting with the likes of The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in 2003-2004. Bill then shifted his focus to his love for his family and the steps that led to his WWE return in 2016. Goldberg illuminated on how his comeback was motivated by his desire, both to leave an impression on the WWE Universe, as well as his wife and son. He then thanked his family and friends, “Team Goldberg” as he called them, for their great impact on his life, getting a bit emotional in the process.

Goldberg also thanked Sting for being a shining example of what a man in sports-entertainment should be. He also commented that being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame was his original dream, but being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is a greater honor than the Pro Football Hall of Fame could’ve ever been.

And, in closing, Goldberg once again asked one final question: “Who’s next?”


Crew member put through table for asking Dudley Boyz to "wrap it up"

Arguably the greatest tag team in sports-entertainment history, The Dudley Boyz took their rightful spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. Being inducted by Edge & Christian, who reminisced about their classic rivalry with both The Dudleyz and The Hardy Boyz, Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley spoke candidly and passionately about their upbringings and their collective time in ECW, WWE and sports-entertainment overall.

Focusing on ECW, Bubba Ray noted that The Dudley Boyz were now the first original ECW act to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The two then also thanked the likes of Tommy Dreamer, Spike Dudley, Paul Heyman and the rest of their ECW family. Bubba & D-Von both also spoke to the importance that their actual families played in their careers and their lives, as well as thanking each other for being brothers, not just in the ring, but in life.

The Dudley Boyz requested that both Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz join them on stage. In an emotional moment, Bubba Ray & D-Von thanked their fellow warriors for helping them get to where they were that night. It seemed as though the brothers had more to say following their memorable reunion with their greatest rivals, but then their music started playing unceremoniously and a backstage assistant arrived to tell them to finish their speech and get off of stage. Not happy about this, The Dudley Boyz handled it the only way they knew how — to get the tables!

From there, resistance was futile. The unfortunate assistant was Powerbombed through the unforgiving wood as The Dudley Boyz stood tall in front of the WWE Universe one more time.


Ivory professes her love to WWE Universe in acceptance speech

Ivory glows with pride over the Women's Evolution: WWE Hall of Fame 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive)

New WWE Hall of Fame inductee Ivory describes the growth of the Women's Division in WWE from the Attitude Era to present day. Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Being inducted by her great friend Molly Holly, who spoke to Ivory’s do-it-all attitude during her WWE career, as well as her contributions as a true trailblazer in sports-entertainment, Ivory discussed her incredible career after a memorable introduction by Holly’s surprise guest, Lilian Garcia.

Ivory gave many shout-outs to those she spent time with in GLOW, her time in the Right to Censor and everything in between. As fun loving and unpredictable as ever, Ivory suggested that entering the WWE Hall of Fame was her “wedding day” and thanked both her family and the WWE Universe for their continued support in helping her reach this monumental moment.


Jeff Jarrett gives heartfelt address, sings karaoke at Hall of Fame

His longtime friend and former partner Road Dogg inducted Jeff Jarrett into the WWE Hall of Fame, opting to hold back on some of their better stories together in fear of getting themselves in trouble with somebody! J-E-double F then hit the stage and, incredibly emotional, looked back on classic contests with the likes of WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon and several of his encounters with celebrities like Chuck Norris and David Arquette.

Jarrett then went on to express his love to both Road Dogg and Owen Hart for the effect they had on not just his career, but his life overall. The new WWE Hall of Famer then went on to tell some funny stories and thank his fans and family as he now took his place among the all-time elite in sports-entertainment.

Jarrett intended on finishing with a poem, but Road Dogg came back out and urged Jarrett to indulge in their classic song, “With My Baby Tonight.”


Jarrius “J.J.” Robertson claims Warrior Award in charismatic fashion

Warrior Award recipient Jarrius "J.J." Robertson roasts John Cena: WWE Hall of Fame 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive)

After showing some love to his favorite Superstars, WWE Hall of Fame 2018 Warrior Award recipient Jarrius "J.J." Robertson hits The Miz and John Cena with a sick burn. Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Awarding the Warrior Award to Jarrius “J.J.” Robertson, Dana Warrior reflected on the beauty of the full circle moment of being back in New Orleans, where her late husband, Ultimate Warrior, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.

Robertson, the 16-year-old leader of the #ItTakesLivesToSaveLives campaign, who has battled serious medical issues since a young age, showed off his signature pizazz on the Hall of Fame stage. Robertson showed love to the previous Warrior Award recipients, as well as thanking some of the Superstars he has befriended, including Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Zack Ryder. Jarrius urged everyone to consider the benefits of organ donation and the importance of never giving up before taking his leave … but not before entertaining the WWE Universe uproariously in the process.


Sexual Chocolate makes cameo in Henry's memorable speech

Inducting one of his greatest rivals, The Big Show reflected on some of his favorite stories of the newest WWE Hall of Fame member and “his brother from another mother,” Mark Henry.

The Hall of Pain curator stressed his respect for everyone who loves sports-entertainment. An emotional Henry gave an inside look on how he arrived onto the WWE Hall of Fame stage, revealing he had a lot of help along the way in achieving the great successes that he did throughout his career. The World’s Strongest Man then thanked everyone from his trainers to the Hart Family and The Nation of Domination, as he looked back on all the incredible memories of his now Hall of Fame career.

Henry and the WWE Universe shared some laughs as he reflected on his Sexual Chocolate days, even spitting some quick game to the likes of Stephanie McMahon and his wife! Henry then recounted his reign as World Heavyweight Champion in 2011 before thanking his family for all their support.

Before closing, Henry adorned himself in his iconic salmon suit jacket, joking with the WWE Universe and Superstars alike that he still had a lot left in the tank, before graciously accepting his new immortality in the WWE Hall of Fame.


Hall of Famer Hillbilly Jim becomes "the luckiest guy on earth"

Hillbilly Jim becomes "the luckiest guy on earth": WWE Hall of Fame 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive)

New WWE Hall of Fame inductee Hillbilly Jim reflects on an old friend who helped him become "the luckiest guy on earth." Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

WWE Hall of Famer and inductor Jimmy Hart looked back on Hillbilly Jim’s legendary career as well as Hillbilly’s diverse skillset and all the great times that the two shared together throughout the years, including being roommates on WWE Legends House.

Hillbilly Jim reflected on all the moments and individuals who helped get him to the WWE Hall of Fame stage, including the likes of WWE Hall of Famers Jim Ross, Stu Hart, Pat Patterson, Jerry “The King” Lawler and more. Remembering both his roots and his rise, Hillbilly was grateful for the journey that helped get this Country Boy to the Hall of Fame, thanking the WWE Universe, his WWE brethren, his home state of Kentucky and his family alike.


Kid Rock "celebrates" WWE fans in Hall of Fame speech

Kid Rock gets serious about life on the road in WWE: WWE Hall of Fame 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive)

WWE Hall of Fame 2018 Celebrity Inductee Kid Rock knows it's a long road for anyone to attain greatness in the WWE Universe. Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Triple H inducted the newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame’s celebrity wing, Kid Rock, noting the massive impact that Kid Rock’s music had on the Attitude Era and even today, pointing out that the anthemic artist has provided theme music for this year’s WrestleMania.

Kid Rock, humbled by the incredible honor, said that being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame was even greater than a Grammy. He thanked the likes of The Rock and Ric Flair and gave ample credit to all the WWE Superstars for the incredible lives they lead.


Congratulations to the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame Legacy inductees

2018 WWE Hall of Fame

Boris Malenko
The father of WWE Legend Dean Malenko, Boris - known by many as The King of the Russian Chain Match - was notorious among North American crowds as an in-ring villain during the 1960s, battling the likes of Johnny Valentine, Jose Lothario, Eddie Graham, Wahoo McDaniel and Joe Scarpa with his feared finishing maneuver, the Russian Sickle lariat. Some of the highlights of his career included winning the NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship, the AWA World Tag Team Championship and the NWA Brass Knuckles Championship.

2018 WWE Hall of Fame

Lord Alfred Hayes
While most members of the WWE Universe remember Lord Alfred Hayes as a jovial commentator during WWE’s boom in the 1980s, the Brit was a feared competitor inside the ring before he stepped behind the microphone.A black belt in judo, he traded on his martial arts expertise in his early years as a competitor in his homeland of England, competing as “Judo” Al Hayes and using chops and throws to neutralize his opposition. He made the journey across the pond to America in the 1970s and greatly changed his style between the ropes. Adopting the persona of a British aristocrat, Lord Alfred Hayes was born. Looking down upon America’s people (and its tea), Hayes eventually became a manager in several territories, including the AWA and Championship Wrestling from Florida, where the posh aristocrat managed the likes of WWE Hall of Famers Jimmy Valiant and Nikolai Volkoff and The Masked Superstar, among others.

But it was in the 1980s after joining WWE’s broadcast team that Hayes endeared himself to a generation of wrestling fans. He was Mr. McMahon’s sidekick on the hysterical talk show Tuesday Night Titans, interviewed some of the era’s biggest Superstars and was a mainstay on the WWE home videos that entertained fans around the world. His booming British voice, however, may be best remembered by viewers of WWE television for the inimitable delivery of the program’s sponsors. The line “promotional consideration paid for by the following” was as much a mainstay of WWE TV as bodyslams and elbow drops.

2018 WWE Hall of Fame

Rufus R. “Freight Train” Jones
A staple of the National Wrestling Alliance’s Central and Mid-Atlantic regional promotions in the 1970s and 1980s, Rufus R. “Freight Train” Jones believed he was the toughest man to ever step foot in a ring, and he wasn’t shy about touting that notion to fans and opponents alike. During his time as a top Superstar with the NWA, Jones twice captured the NWA Central States Heavyweight Championship, won the NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title, and enjoyed 10 tenures as a tag team champion (with nine different partners).

2018 WWE Hall of Fame

“Golden Greek” Jim Londos

One of the most popular stars on the professional wrestling circuit in the 1930s and 1940s, Jim Londos is recognized as a national hero in his native Greece. The multiple-time titleholder and bona fide box office draw competed in 32 countries and was renowned for his willingness to wrestle as often as possible.

2018 WWE Hall of Fame

Cora Combs
Cora Combs, a women’s wrestling legend who also competed under a mask as Lady Satan, famously wrestled her own daughter, Debbie Combs. Combs would also be no stranger to championships in her career, winning the Florida-recognized NWA Women’s Southern Championship and the NWA United States Women’s Championship a staggering four times.

2018 WWE Hall of Fame

Stan Stasiak
Aptly nicknamed “Crusher” early in his career, Stan Stasiak remorselessly squeezed the life out of his opponents with one of the most feared Bear Hugs in sports-entertainment history. Throughout his career in WWE and NWA, the snarling Stasiak won countless championships and infuriated sports-entertainment fans far and wide. In addition to winning the WWE Title, Stasiak was also a three-time NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion and a six-time NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion.

2018 WWE Hall of Fame

Hiro Matsuda
Whether thrashing opponents in his native Japan, Mexico, Peru or stateside, Hiro Matsuda never took long to establish a reputation as a no-nonsense technician, and the deadly serious grappler was globally renowned for his wars against Dusty Rhodes, Danny Hodge and Johnny Weaver, as well as his partnership with his close friend and WWE Hall of Famer Antonio Inoki. The mat maven went on to become a four-time NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion, enjoyed two reigns with the Junior Heavyweight Title and became an 11-time holder of various NWA Tag Team Championships.

2018 WWE Hall of Fame

Sputnik Monroe
Long before the famed Monday Night Wars, Sputnik Monroe was shattering attendance records in Memphis, Tenn., in perhaps the most unique way imaginable. With his incredible drawing power that often attracted 15,000 or so fans to shows, Monroe helped bring professional wrestling to new heights during an incredible career that spanned more than four decades from 1945-88. A strong advocate for inclusion, the popular grappler tirelessly fought to end segregation in Memphis, running shows that were non-segregated while actively working with the black community outside of the ring as well.

2018 WWE Hall of Fame

Dara Singh
Dara Singh was an icon. The mid-century Indian wrestler boasted a 53-inch-wide chest, which made him a favorite in many tournaments. He battled all over the eastern hemisphere, capturing the Commonwealth Championship and titles in India and Singapore. Singh’s reach stretched beyond the squared circle, as he became a popular Indian movie star and politician.

2018 WWE Hall of Fame

El Santo
In the early 1940s, El Santo first entered the squared circle donning the silver mask and cape that turned him into a real-life superhero and became his trademark across a four-decade career. The grappler known as “El Enmascarado de Plata” (The Man in The Silver Mask) engaged in legendary rivalries with luchadors like Blue Demon, thrilling fans around Mexico with his larger than life presence. Santo was no stranger to the tag team ranks, either. He joined forces with Gory Guerrero, Eddie’s father, to form La Pareja Atomica, a team that never lost a match.

Santo’s popularity could not be contained inside the squared circle. At the height of his superstardom, El Santo was featured in his own comic books and starred in more than 50 movies.