WWE's 12 creepiest Superstars

WWE's 12 creepiest Superstars

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt has struck terror into the hearts of many since his unleashing on WWE earlier this year. Running roughshod with attacks on several legends and an impressive SummerSlam victory, Wyatt finds himself with a title opportunity against Universal Champion Seth Rollins at WWE Hell in a Cell inside the demonic structure next month.

While Wyatt’s recent menace is fresh in the minds of the WWE Universe, it also conjures the memories of WWE’s other creepy competitors.

The Boogeyman makes his debut against Simon Dean: SmackDown, December 2, 2005

In his in-ring debut on SmackDown in 2005, The Boogeyman decimates a terrified Simon Dean.

The Boogeyman

With a hulking physique, devilish face paint and a haunting, jagged grin overflowing with live worms, The Boogeyman unnerved the WWE Universe merely by appearing. He regularly stalked targets for weeks, with only a familiar musical shriek alerting his victims moments before horrifying confrontations akin to lucid nightmares. The Boogeyman was also successful inside the squared circle, defeating the likes of Hall of Famer Booker T, JBL and The Miz.

The Boogeyman resurfaced most recently at Raw Reunion this past summer, scaring Drake Maverick into a 24/7 Championship defeat at the hands of WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts deceives the Ultimate Warrior

Jake "The Snake" Roberts deceives the Ultimate Warrior

Jake “The Snake” Roberts

A monstrous python, cerebral warfare and seasoned expertise inside the ropes made a potent recipe for one of WWE’s most-feared Superstars. Already an imposing figure at 6-foot-6, 249 pounds, Jake "The Snake" Roberts inspired even more intimidation via his reptilian companions. The most famous, a python named Damien, accompanied the WWE Hall of Famer for some of his career’s most memorable moments and was ever-present in opponents’ minds, whether contained in his trademark burlap sack or slithering around the ring.

But as much as Roberts’ snakes caused fright, the serpentine Superstar was just as effective with words as eloquent as they were nerve-wracking. 

Bray Wyatt reveals a dark secret on “Firefly Fun House”: Raw, May 13, 2019

“Firefly Fun House” takes a disturbing turn.

Bray Wyatt

No current Superstar embodies sheer creepiness more than “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. But Wyatt creeped out the WWE Universe and opponents long before introducing his horrific alter ego this year. Since debuting in 2013 at the head of The Wyatt Family, Wyatt has masterminded a litany of bizarre acts while leveraging the allegiance of past followers Erick Rowan and Luke Harper.

The Eater of Worlds employs these tactics to gain a psychological advantage before even stepping foot in the ring across from adversaries. And with Wyatt as dangerous as he is loquacious, even the slightest advantage often proves disastrous for his foes.

The unveiling of Wyatt’s fiendish counterpart has brought out an even more sadistic side, including a penchant for striking in diabolical fashion without warning. He is more fearsome and chilling than ever.

Boogeyman vs. Big Daddy V: ECW, September 18, 2007

Boogeyman feels the pressure against Big Daddy V at Philips Arena in Atlanta on September 18, 2007, as Big Daddy V shows no fear in a brutal grudge match against his opponent.


At 6-foot-9 and nearly 500 pounds, Viscera terrified with his stature alone. Using his gargantuan mass to dominate in his first WWE tenure as Mabel — highlighted by becoming the 1995 King of the Ring — the worst was yet to come for opponents. The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness abducted him upon his return in 1999, prompting his transformation into Viscera. Armed with unabashed allegiance to The Phenom and an eerie appearance — including all-white eyes that conveyed otherworldly possession — he became exponentially more monstrous.

Later competing as Big Daddy V, he brought his viciousness to the ECW brand and even crossed paths with – and got the better of – The Boogeyman.

Sensational Sherri and Luna Vachon brawl: Raw, April 19, 1993

Luna Vachon calls out Sensational Sherri, who engages her rival in a ringside brawl on Raw on April 19, 1993.

Luna Vachon

With a knack for sports-entertainment in her blood and an unrepentant look and attitude all her own, Luna Vachon brought an edge to WWE rivaled by few women before and since her time.  

Debuting in WWE on The Grandest Stage of Them All alongside Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania IX, the WWE Hall of Famer served as The Heartbreak Kid’s manager for an early portion of his rise to stardom and wasn’t shy about getting involved in the action. The daughter of Paul “Butcher” Vachon and niece of the legendary Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon, Luna’s physical chops were as frightening as her signature scowl and would likely rattle even the top women in WWE today.

Waylon Mercy knows how to throw a good picnic: WWE Spotlight, June 24, 1995

Amid a peaceful park setting, Waylon Mercy issues a cryptic message to WWE Superstars.

Waylon Mercy

Perhaps never before in WWE did one’s out-of-the-ring manner belie their true persona more than Waylon Mercy. Donning jet-black, slicked-back hair, several ominous tattoos – most notably a dagger on his forehead — and colorful Hawaiian shirts, Mercy introduced himself to the WWE Universe through vignettes shot in seemingly serene locations. He never raised his voice and described himself as “a peaceful man who likes no problems,” while still somehow conveying a disconcerting deceit beneath his words. That superficial congeniality even extended to pleasant handshakes with opponents before matches.

But as soon as the bell sounded, Mercy revealed sinister intentions, culminating with a Sleeper Hold accompanied by a crazed, wide-eyed look that was anything but a picnic at the park — if you know what I mean.  

Kane makes his WWE debut: Badd Blood: In Your House

Kane makes his WWE debut in 1997, ripping the door off its hinges during a Hell in a Cell Match between The Undertaker and HBK


Kane has blazed a path of fury matched by few in his more than two decades in WWE. From the moment he arrived on the scene and tore the steel Hell in a Cell door off its hinges before costing brother The Undertaker his WWE Championship Match against Shawn Michaels, Kane has made his demonic presence felt on both the body and mind of opponents.

Sporting several masked and unmasked looks over the course of his career, one common denominator has remained — pure fear. With superhuman strength and no regard for the opposition’s wellbeing, The Big Red Machine stands unequivocally as one of the creepiest competitors in WWE history.

The Brood's sinister entrance to the ring

Watch The Brood - Gangrel, Edge and Christian - make their way to the ring for competition.


Although vampires are thought of only as Hollywood-crafted fiction, Gangrel made WWE fans and other Superstars think again. He owned one of the more memorable entrances we’ve ever seen, rising from beneath the stage amid a circle of fire, sipping from a chalice filled with a distinct red liquid and spitting it into the air at ringside. 

Though Gangrel’s fanged visage instilled dread into many, he also used an enigmatic charisma to recruit several followers, including WWE Hall of Famer Edge, Christian and The Hardy Boyz early in their careers. With talented backup and his own destructive in-ring aggression, Gangrel carried a hair-raising energy.

Mankind's WWE debut: Raw, April 1, 1996

The WWE Universe is introduced to one of the most twisted Superstars in history as Mankind makes his debut against Bob "Spark Plug" Holly on Raw.


Mankind left others at a loss for words at first sight but quickly demonstrated he was a force to be reckoned with when he got the better of The Undertaker during his debut night in WWE. Deranged and disturbed, Mankind wore a leather mask, squealing and shrieking while punishing opponents with utterances of “Mommy” in-between. He showed signs of enjoying the receiving end of pain just as much, sometimes ripping out clumps of his own hair during matches.

Mankind later showed a much softer side, but his earlier tortured temperament still sticks with us more than 20 years later. His influence is still seen today, with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt deploying his signature maneuver — the Mandible Claw — to incapacitate opponents.

Doink the Clown's entrance at SummerSlam 1993

Doink causes trouble during his entrance at SummerSlam 1993.

Doink the Clown

Despite being a clown, Doink was pretty much the least-qualified Superstar for a child’s birthday party. In fact, Doink showcased a perverse brand of evil almost unprecedented in WWE before his initial arrival in 1993.

Tormenting children with cruel tricks on his way to the ring while alternating between a demented smile and tortured grimace, the pranks ended as soon as Doink stepped foot in the ring. Doink’s squared-circle acumen betrayed his cartoonish appearance, scaring respect into his opponents.

Papa Shango

Though Papa Shango’s tenure in WWE was brief, his ghastly legacy still lives on. Perhaps the first and only purveyor of voodoo in sports-entertainment history, Shango donned the face of a skeleton and a necklace adjourned with ambiguous bones and carried a smoking skull to the ring during his bizarre entrance.

The 6-foot-6, 330-pounder used brute force in the ring and supernatural forces outside of it, most famously cursing The Ultimate Warrior with a mysterious internal ailment that led to an infamously disgusting result.

The Undertaker scares Shane McMahon, then chokeslams him: WWE Extreme Rules 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

The Undertaker rises after a brutal Coast-to-Coast from Shane McMahon and makes him pay with a vicious chokeslam. Courtesy of WWE Network.

The Undertaker

The Undertaker stands as the quintessential representation of creepiness throughout WWE lore, sending chills down spines during three decades of destruction. Since first being introduced to the WWE Universe at Survivor Series 1990, he has demanded the attention of fans and combatants with a magnetic aura equal parts captivating and terrifying.

Through different incarnations and attire, The Phenom maintained a constant and unparalleled knack for inflicting horror. The Undertaker combines a towering physical presence at 6-foot-10 and over 300 pounds with mind games capable of unhinging even the fiercest opponents. The result has seen The Deadman stand toe-to-toe with legends and icons — including several other Superstars on this list — and almost always emerge victorious.

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