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Lock your door, check under the bed and pray you don't hear the ticking of his clock. If you do, be very afraid, because you're about to face your deepest fears — Boogeyman is coming to getcha!

Hailing from a mysterious abyss known as The Bottomless Pit, the terrifying Boogeyman first appeared in WWE on SmackDown in 2005. Creeping around the locker room area, the bizarre Superstar would scare other competitors by appearing in the most unexpected places. It wasn't until Survivor Series that same year that Boogeyman would make his first appearance in the ring, assaulting Eric Bischoff to help SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long defeat the former Raw GM.

Boogeyman continued to display shocking behavior in the weeks and months that followed. During a match with Simon Dean in December 2005, the freak pulled a handful of live worms out of his pocket and ate the slimy suckers right there in the center of the ring. From that night on, Boogeyman was rarely seen without a pile of night crawlers wriggling from his drooling maw. Even worse, he would shove them into the mouths of his hapless opponents.

Still, worms weren't the most gag reflex-inducing thing the ogre ingested in WWE. On SmackDown in 2006, Boogeyman actually bit a huge mole off Jillian Hall's face. Unsurprisingly, nearly every Superstar on the roster was terrified of stepping into the ring with a competitor this twisted. The unfortunate men who had to face him, including JBL, Booker T and The Miz, were usually dispatched of very quickly. Boogeyman's greatest career victory was over WWE Hall of Famer King Booker T and Queen Sharmell at WrestleMania 22 in under four minutes.

Boogeyman soon met his match, however, in the former of Finlay. A tough-as-nails brawler from Belfast, Finlay was not afraid of the dark and went at the scary Superstar head on. Thanks to his experience and some outside help from his son, Hornswoggle, Finlay was able to defeat Boogeyman on many occasions. To counteract the leprechaun, Boogeyman enlisted the help of his own diminutive friend, Little Boogeyman, sending his matches with Finlay down an even more bizarre path.

In 2007, the ghoul made the move to WWE's relaunched ECW where he would butt heads with similarly fearsome Superstars like Big Daddy V and Kane. Boogeyman finished out his WWE career in 2009, but many Superstars still leave the lights on in the locker room, knowing that at any time Boogeyman could be coming to get them.

In 2015, The Boogeyman made a surprise entrance into the Royal Rumble Match. The WWE Universe was ripe with anticipation as The Boogeyman stared down Bray Wyatt. Unfortunately for The Eater of Worms, Wyatt eliminated him from the match.

The Boogeyman's worm-eating exploits can be enjoyed by sports-entertainment fans on WWE Network.

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