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WWE NXT Results : Full Details


Lars Sullivan def. Kassius Ohno

Lars Sullivan makes his intimidating ring entrance: NXT TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive)

Lars Sullivan lets out a guttural scream as he prepares for his NXT TakeOver debut against Kassius Ohno: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Kassius Ohno’s attempt to elevate himself into NXT Championship contention by picking a fight with Lars Sullivan backfired, as the 300-plus pound monster made the most of his NXT TakeOver debut, powering his way to an emphatic victory.

With a big experience advantage over Sullivan, the world-renowned Ohno had knowledge and a devastating arsenal of strikes in his favor, but Sullivan’s overwhelming power allowed him to bulldoze through his opponent in Houston.

Sullivan’s strength advantage was on full display from the opening bell, as he barreled through Ohno’s clothesline attempt before shoulder-blocking his 6’4”, 270-pound opponent to the mat like he was a Cruiserweight.

The over-eager Sullivan made a rookie mistake, however, when he went to the top rope for a diving headbutt that missed. The costly error opened the door for Ohno to deliver a barrage of vicious kicks to his monstrous foe.

After both men traded brutal strikes, Ohno lined up for his Rolling Elbow, but unfortunately for the hard-hitting Ohno, he wouldn’t get the chance to see if his finishing move could KO Sullivan. Instead, the hulking Sullivan dodged the maneuver and nearly drove Ohno through the canvas with a massive Freak Accident for the 1-2-3.

Coming into this career-altering contest, Ohno was looking to make a statement and move his way into NXT Championship contention, but it was the freakish Sullivan who put the NXT Universe on notice, and it may only be a matter of time before he’s at the top of NXT’s food chain.


Aleister Black def. Velveteen Dream

Velveteen Dream makes his fashionable ring entrance: NXT TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive)

Say his name: Velveteen Dream. The vainglorious Superstar struts to the ring at NXT TakeOver: WarGames: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Everyone will know Velveteen Dream’s name after his epic war with Aleister Black at NXT TakeOver: WarGames. The only problem for the rising young Superstar is that he was unable to claim victory in a sensational showdown against the Dutch destroyer.

For weeks, Dream had been stalking Black, trying to get the shadowy Superstar to say his name and acknowledge The Velveteen Dream Experience. The dynamic competitor gave Black arguably his toughest fight to date in NXT – an especially impressive feat considering this was Dream’s first TakeOver bout – but when the contest concluded, Dream had faded to black.

The prolific Dream started the mind games before the bell even rang, wearing his opponent’s face on his wrestling tights. Dream soon found out why Black is so dangerous, as the notoriously dangerous striker used his mat-wrestling expertise to ground his adversary.

The mind games between these two rivals continued as Black went into his trademark sitting pose after dumping Dream from the ring. In response, Dream swayed his hips a la WWE Hall of Famer Rick Rude before sitting across from Black and mirroring his pose. Black, in return, then crawled seductively over to Dream, mimicking the flashy competitor’s usual maneuver.

As the fierce foes once again engaged in battle, Dream showed off his offensive prowess, hitting a vicious superkick followed by a Rude Awakening. Despite Dream’s impressive Rude-inspired assault, Black managed to battle back with his devastating kicks.

Both supremely talented Superstars continued to trade high-impact maneuvers to the delight of the NXT Universe in Houston. The crowd roared in approval with each acrobatic counter and jaw-dropping move, and Dream came within a millisecond of handing Black his first-ever loss in NXT on multiple occasions.

Eventually, though, with Dream struggling to stay on his feet, Black delivered Black Mass to the jaw of the spectacular Superstar, keeping him down for the three-count.

Ironically, despite ending up on the losing end of the contest, Dream got just what he wanted … Black to say his name. After winning the bout, the usually silent Black took the mic and proclaimed, “Enjoy infamy, Velveteen Dream.” While Black’s run of dominance through NXT continued, TakeOver: WarGames just might be remembered as the night Velveteen Dream made a name for himself.


Ember Moon won a Fatal 4-Way Match to become new NXT Women’s Champion

Peyton Royce pulls off incredible Tower of Doom in Fatal 4-Way Match: NXT TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive)

Peyton Royce risks it all during a breathtaking Fatal 4-Way Match at NXT TakeOver: WarGames: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

For the first time in nearly 600 days, a Superstar other than Asuka can call herself NXT Women’s Champion. And that Superstar is Ember Moon.

Four of the greatest female Superstars in the world – Moon, Kairi Sane, Peyton Royce and Nikki Cross – battled it out in a frenzied, action-packed Fatal 4-Way Match to see who would claim the vacant NXT Women’s Title.

At the start of this wildly unpredictable bout, all four competitors unloaded on one another in search of an early edge. With the first pinfall or submission deciding would will claim the coveted NXT Women’s Title, Moon, Sane, Royce & Cross frantically battled inside and outside the ring.

After Moon viciously powerbombed Cross onto the floor, the chaotic member of SAnitY was left incapacitated. Sane, Moon and Royce proceeded to wage war inside the squared circle, bringing the crowd to their feet with numerous mat-rattling maneuvers.

At the height of intrigue, Cross re-entered the matchup with a cross-body that wiped out all three of her opponents. The intensity reached a fever pitch as Sane hit a brutal Alabama Slam on Royce, who landed on top of the fallen Cross. Sane then took flight from the top rope, driving her Insane Elbow onto both Royce and Cross, but Moon managed to break up the pinfall attempt on Cross.

Following a frantic back-and-forth, Moon climbed the top rope, nailing her spectacular Eclipse finisher on both Cross and Royce, sending the latter from the ring. Moon then covered the fallen Cross for the incredible pinfall victory in her home state of Texas.

Following the awesome showdown, NXT General Manager William Regal and Asuka presented the title to Moon, who shared an emotional embrace with her longstanding rival as the NXT Universe went wild for the new champion.


Andrade “Cien” Almas def. Drew McIntyre to become new NXT Champion

Andrade "Cien" Almas celebrates a shocking NXT Title victory: NXT TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive)

Andrade "Cien" Almas and Zelina Vega rejoice after El Idolo's dramatic title-clinching triumph over Drew McIntyre: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Behind the direction – and at times interference – of business manager Zelina Vega, Andrade “Cien” Almas outlasted Drew McIntyre in an epic title bout to win his first NXT Championship at TakeOver: WarGames.

Almas used his unorthodox and devastating offensive attack to chop down and topple the bigger, stronger McIntyre to cap off a complete career resurgence and take down the NXT Champion in jaw-dropping fashion -- thanks to some assistance from the fiery Vega. 

The mind games between the challenger and champion were on full display before the bell even rang, as both men sized each other up. Once the bell sounded, Almas and McIntyre wasted no time laying into one another with a barrage of jaw-rattling blows.

Vega attempted to make her mark in this NXT Championship Match when she tried to hit a hurricaranna on McIntyre outside the ring, only to have the Scotsman catch Almas’ business manager and place her back up on the ring apron.

The champion remained unfazed in the face of Vega and Almas’ attempts to distract him, using his size and strength advantage to toss the smaller Almas across the ring. The pace reached frantic levels, as Almas hit a sensational moonsault on the Scottish Superstar that left the champion reeling.

Back inside the ring, McIntyre hit his Future Shock DDT, but he managed to only get a two-count to his shock and dismay. The challenger responded by venturing to the timekeeper’s area to grab the NXT Championship, a move that distracted the referee long enough for Vega to hit a spikerana on McIntyre back in the ring. Almas seized the opportunity provided by his manager, hitting his Hammerlock DDT on the champion. But, to his amazement, McIntyre kicked out at two.

The titleholder responded with an explosive Claymore that sent Almas head-over-heels. It seemed McIntyre had the victory in the bag, but Vega put her client’s leg on the bottom rope. The NXT Champion would attempt another Claymore, but missed badly, and went sailing over the top rope.

Almas pounced, draping the champion over the top turnbuckle before hitting a devastating DDT for the win. An elated Almas celebrated the emotional victory with Vega, standing tall on the TakeOver announce table with his NXT Championship in tow.

With the NXT Title now in his possession, can anybody stop the supremely talented Andrade “Cien” Almas and his wily business manager, Zelina Vega?


Undisputed ERA def. SAnitY & The Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong in a WarGames Match

Authors of Pain unleash carnage on everyone in sight: NXT TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive)

Akam & Rezar charge into battle and launch their opponents from one ring to the other: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

SAnitY spread chaos across two rings, and pain was pasted across the face of every competitor, but thanks to a late strike by Adam Cole, WarGames entered an Undisputed ERA.

The historic return of the WarGames Match, which made its comeback for the first time in 20 years, did not disappoint. The legendary match that features a massive steel cage surrounding two rings was every bit as chaotic, painful and shocking as it was billed.

With a winner being crowned via pinfall or submission only after all nine Superstars from the three teams are inside the cage, this was a war of resilience.

Eric Young, Adam Cole and Roderick Strong started the match before the five-minute mark, when the rest of Undisputed ERA got the call to exit their shark cage and enter the match.

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly rushed to the ring, entering the massive steel structure to help Cole gang up on and beat down both Strong and Young.

After three minutes, The Authors of Pain were up next, as they came down to the cage and bull-rushed their way into the WarGames structure. Akam & Rezar proceeded to devastate Undisputed ERA and Young, delivering a painful assault on all four Superstars.

It was complete chaos as another three minutes passed, and SAnitY were released from their shark cage. The true carnage was about to begin, as the match had officially begun with all three teams now inside the gigantic steel cage surrounding the two rings.

Alexander Wolfe ran to the ring and came prepared with a nightstick, taking out everyone in his way. Before actually entering the cage, Killian Dain threw a treasure chest of insanity into the ring that included tables, garbage cans, Kendo sticks and steel chains. Then, The Beast of Belfast locked the cage door with one of the steel chains and literally ate the key!

With all nine Superstars now enclosed, all hell broke loose. Dain was particularly impressive, showing off his strength and agility and hitting a cross-body from the top rope onto a bevy of Superstars beneath him.

The match was in complete disorder as bodies continued to fly across both rings, and the NXT Universe watched in absolute shock at the brutality they were witnessing.

Just when the match seemingly reached its peak level of carnage, something even more insane would happen. Wolfe hit a massive blow to the team of The Authors of Pain & Strong when he took down Rezar with a brutal German suplex from the top rope, sending both men crashing through two tables, though the crazed member of SAnitY somehow got the worst of the fall.

At numerous times, Cole found himself on the verge of great danger, only to escape. Cole even climbed to the top of the cage, seemingly trying to get out, which would mean Undisputed ERA would forfeit the match.

The 300-plus pound Beast of Belfast put Cole’s true intentions to the test by getting the talented grappler’s attention before hitting an astonishing Coast-to-Coast through a steel garbage can on O’Reilly. With Cole still perched atop the cage, Strong climbed to the top. The two foes grappled before Strong hit a jaw-dropping suplex on Cole from the top of the cage onto a slew of Superstars below.

Amid the mayhem inside the ring, Strong put his arm over Cole, but still could only get a two-count. The war would continue with Superstars continuing to battle back-and-forth before Cole connected with a vicious Kendo stick strike to Young.

The dazed Young attempted to grab a steel chair, but it ended up going straight into his face via a Shining Wizard from Cole. With Superstars laying, damaged and beaten across two rings, the leader of Undisputed ERA proceeded to cover Young for victory.

Before this barbaric bout, Undisputed ERA warned their opponents that you do not start a war you cannot finish. Well, as the dust settles from the all-out war that just took place at WarGames, Cole, O’Reilly & Fish not only reigned supreme, but shocked the system in doing so.