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Bobby Fish

Bobby Fish walks with the swagger of a world-class grappler, and why wouldn’t he? A universally feared ring veteran, Fish possesses a dangerous combination of talent and grit. And as a founding member of The Undisputed ERA, he’s also backed by arguably the most powerful faction in NXT history.

Yet, Fish was well on his way to greatness even before joining NXT. He devoted more than 15 years to developing his utterly unique fighting style, which incorporates elements of Muay Thai kickboxing and catch grappling. Along the way, Fish earned the respect of some of the squared circle’s most hardened greats, from his onetime trainer and WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race to the late Japanese icon Mitsuharu Misawa.

He also formed a potent and highly successful tag team with a scrappy young Canadian named Kyle O’Reilly, capturing titles in the U.S. and abroad. Little did anyone know it was only a glimpse of things to come.

Fish and O’Reilly reunited upon arriving in NXT in 2017 as part of The Undisputed ERA and haven’t looked back. While Adam Cole and Roderick Strong eventually added singles titles to the faction’s considerable coffers, Fish and O’Reilly immediately became a cornerstone of the black-and-gold brand’s tag team division. Within months of their debut, they won their first NXT Tag Team Title from SAnitY, but it wouldn’t be their last. Proving his versatility, Fish has also formed a winning combination with Strong as his teammate.

Regardless of which teammate joins him for battle, Fish continues to advance the art of tag team wrestling, ensuring Undisputed ERA carry on the fine tradition of legendary teams like The British Bulldogs, The Midnight Express and The Hart Foundation. All the while, Fish proudly waves the flag of The Undisputed ERA, ready and willing to shock the system of NXT anytime he pleases.

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