Bobby Fish: Bio

Bobby Fish

A universally feared in-ring veteran, Bobby Fish owns a dangerous combination of natural talent and rugged grit. Unfortunately for the rest of NXT, Fish has chosen to add his considerable skill to the ranks of The Undisputed ERA, the troublemaking unit that also includes Adam Cole, Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly.

The group emerged as a trio in August 2017, using the element of surprise to create havoc and lay waste to anybody they deem a target, including Drew McIntyre and WWE U.K. Champion Pete Dunne, to name a few. When they later added Strong to their ranks, the group became nearly unstoppable.

The Undisputed ERA’s underhanded tactics have turned NXT upside-down, but that shouldn’t distract from Fish’s ability to also thrive within the rules of the ring. He competed for more than 15 years before making his way to NXT and earned the respect of some of the squared circle’s all-time greats, from his onetime trainer and WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race to the late Japanese icon Mitsuharu Misawa.

Not only that, but Fish boasts an utterly unique fighting style that incorporates aspects of Muay Thai kickboxing, catch grappling and other combat arts. Add in The Undisputed ERA’s gang mentality, and it’s clear to see that Bobby Fish is a walking menace.

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