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Killian Dain

Killian Dain takes what he wants, when he wants, and heaven help any Superstar who tries to stop him.

Raised in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, Dain witnessed carnage on the streets in his youth, and that left an indelible impression on the man who would later be dubbed The Beast of Belfast. Wearing those harrowing memories as a “badge of honor,” Dain has vowed to take out his aggression on anyone he sees fit.

His first opportunity to do so in WWE occurred as a member of SAnitY, the twisted faction that ran roughshod over NXT for years. Alongside Alexander Wolfe, Nikki Cross and Eric Young, Dain was nothing less than a cultivator of chaos, intent on shaking sports-entertainment to its very core. Each member of the group was uniquely dangerous in his or her own right, but there was never any question that the 300-plus-pound Dain was SAnitY’s most baneful representative, capable of turning the tide in battle at a moment’s notice.

Following SAnitY’s dissolution, Dain returned to the black-and-gold brand on a mission to create carnage, ultimately finding himself in a strange tag team with Drake Maverick.

The Beast of Belfast’s path of destruction shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s seen him in action because there's no stopping Dain's rampage.

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