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Thursday, Mar 31 | 4/3 PMC

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Thursday, Mar 31 | 4/3 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: March 31, 2022

Xia Brookside def. Amale

After approaching Amale in the backstage area to request a rematch following her previous loss to The French Hope, Xia Brookside was caught on NXT UK cameras speaking on her cell phone with her father and simply saying, “It’s time.”

Though brief, Brookside’s message had the WWE Universe waiting with bated breath to learn what she meant.

And with Amale perhaps closing in on a win after booting Brookside in the face with the Inspiration at ringside, the answer was seemingly revealed when a mystery assailant twice reached over ringside barricade, yanking The French Hope into the barricade and nailing her with a clothesline while the official was busy checking on Brookside.

Seconds later, Brookside dropped Amale with Broken Wings for the three-count, and Amale’s attacker joined Xia in the ring to celebrate the win.

Trent Seven def. Ashton Smith

For weeks, NXT UK Tag Team Champion Trent Seven has been toeing the very thin line between bending the rules and outright breaking them.

And The Artful Dodger continued that trend in a pulse-pounding match with Ashton Smith, wherein Smith could potentially earn another title bout for himself and Oliver Carter against Moustache Mountain if he were victorious after Carter recently defeated Tyler Bate.

After trading forearm strikes with Smith and using the referee as a shield, Seven blasted his opponent with a wicked right hand and a series of suplexes. The two competitors engaged in a series of rollups, and Seven finally notched the three-count with a handful of tights, leaving Bate somewhat conflicted at ringside.

Tate Mayfairs def. Kenny Williams via Count-out

After making an incredible number of enemies in a short amount of time, Kenny Williams has been on the receiving end of threatening notes and recently had some unsolicited “work” done on his car.

A seemingly paranoid Williams got the upper hand on Tate Mayfairs, but The Scum of the Earth spent a good chunk of the match keeping his head on a swivel and making sure no one was approaching the ring to confront him.

When Mayfairs fell under the ring with only his boots sticking out, Williams scoffed and went to drag him back out, only for Sam Gradwell to emerge! Gradwell threw Mayfairs back into the squared circle and stood between the terrified Williams and the ring, resulting in Mayfairs getting a count-out victory before The Thunderstorm chased his nemesis to the backstage area.

NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar def. Mark Coffey

Noam Dar is still NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion after edging past Mark Coffey, and he got an inadvertent assist from the most unlikely of sources: Joe Coffey.

With the bout tied 1-1 in Round 5, Coffey ensnared Dar in a submission hold, though he released it when Sha Samuels hopped onto the apron. Joe Coffey chased Samuels into the ring, and Mark Coffey dropped Samuels with a right hand.

After taking a few seconds to convince Joe to leave the ring, Mark turned right into the match-clinching Nova Roller from Dar.

Dar opened the scoring in Round 2 when he baited a hard-charging Mark Coffey and caught him in a rollup that netted a three-count, while Mark Coffey evened the score by blasting The Scottish Supernova with a kick to the face in Round 3.

A scoreless Round 4 set the stage for the controversial conclusion, and as NXT UK concluded, Dar and Samuels celebrated the win while the dejected Coffey Brothers watched from ringside.