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Thursday, Mar 10 | 4/3 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: March 10, 2022

Charlie Dempsey def. A-Kid via Submission

After Charlie Dempsey made the shocking decision to align himself with Teoman and Rohan Raja and dole out several ruthless beatdowns to some of his fellow NXT UK Superstars, A-Kid and everyone else probably should have known that Dempsey wasn’t the type of competitor to stick to his pre-match promise of handling business without the assistance of Die Familie.

A-Kid, who recently attempted to reason with Dempsey at the NXT UK Performance Center and received a Die Familie bruising for his troubles, finally fought free of Dempsey’s deadly clutches before landing a forearm strike and a wicked double arm suplex late in the bout.

Moments later, as Dempsey distracted the official in the ring, Raja suddenly ambushed the Spanish Superstar at ringside, driving him back-first into the post and throwing him into the squared circle. Dempsey took care of the rest, folding his foe in an excruciating bow and arrow submission hold to force the tapout. 

Symbiosis def. Josh Morrell & Danny Jones; Wild Boar attacked Symbiosis

Hellbent on getting back on the winning track and into NXT UK Tag Team Championship competition, Symbiosis competed for the first time since November and accomplished that goal with a thorough thrashing of Josh Morell and Danny Jones.

T-Bone and Primate sealed the victory when the former planted Morell with a back slam into the canvas and the latter landed a diving headbutt from the top rope.

But they certainly weren’t counting on what happened next: Wild Boar returning to NXT UK!

Boar, who hasn’t been seen in nearly a year since being booted from the group by Eddie Dennis, blistered T-Bone and Primate with several vicious chair strikes, though Dennis scrambled out of the ring unscathed.

Noam Dar def. Joe Coffey in an NXT UK Heritage Cup Match, 2-1

Sporting a no-nonsense game face, seeking his first championship in WWE and marching to the ring with a purpose, Joe Coffey was prepared leave it all in the squared circle during his title clash with Noam Dar.

Though he was participating in his first Heritage Cup Rules Match, the brawling Coffey employed a more measured offense in the first round-and-a-half, but he threw caution to the wind as time dwindled in Round 2. Coffey rocked Dar with a German suplex and blasted him with a Glasgow Sendoff to earn the pinfall with 35 seconds remaining in the round. 

The Scottish Supernova, who reportedly booked a penthouse for his victory celebration before competing, outmaneuvered Coffey when the competitors engaged in a mat-grappling clinic, kicking the challenger in the face several times and trapping him in a unique rollup to earn the match-tying pinfall in Round 3.

Round 4 concluded with champion and challenger exchanging haymakers at ringside, and though they were separated by Mark Coffey and Sha Samuels at the toll of the bell, Dar nevertheless landed a cheap shot when he savagely kicked The Iron King in the ribs.

Joe Coffey seemed to have the title won when he clobbered his foe with All the Best for the Bells, but Samuels placed the champion’s foot on the bottom rope to halt the three-count. Mark Coffey took out Samuels at ringside, but Dar took advantage of the commotion by blasting his opponent with the Nova Roller to earn the victory with just seven seconds left in Round 5.