Trent Seven: Bio

Trent Seven

Distinguished yet dangerous, Trent Seven is like a character from the underworld of a Guy Ritchie film. His debonair appearance and charming manner of speech belie his gritty, hard-nosed approach to the ring. It’s that same competitive spirit that made Seven one of the United Kingdom’s top grapplers in the first place.

After spending years collecting titles in the British independent scene, Seven landed on the radar of the WWE Universe during the WWE UK Championship Tournament in January 2017. Though he fell short of claiming the UK crown, The Don’s intelligent, hard-hitting offense made everyone take notice. A bastion of British Strong Style — an exciting, post-modern take on classic English wrestling traditions — Seven has since made frequent appearances in NXT, often teaming with fellow British Strong Style proponent Tyler Bate as Moustache Mountain, who captured the NXT Tag Team Titles from Undisputed ERA in an instant-classic.

As clever a Superstar as you’ll find, Seven has the wits to take down opponents twice his size. His ferocious finisher, the Seven Stars Lariat, is just the icing on the cake.

Now as a member of the NXT UK roster, Seven has made it clear that he and Tyler Bate are ready to take on the best tag teams that the United Kingdom has to offer in pursuit of the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.

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