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Thursday, Feb 10 | 4/3 PMC

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Thursday, Feb 10 | 4/3 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: Feb. 10, 2022

Amale def. Nina Samuels

As Stevie Turner, Jinny and now Nina Samuels have all discovered, Amale isn’t going to stand for disrespect.

And after being mocked on the latest episode of “The Nina Samuels Show” by none other than the host herself, The French Hope came out firing at the toll of the opening bell, blistering her newfound rival with a trio of vicious forearm strikes and a double underhook suplex.

Samuels got the upper hand when she caused Amale to fall awkwardly to the ringside floor by yanking the apron from under her, but Amale claimed victory by landing a boot to the face and executing a picture-perfect Hope Breaker.

Gallus highjacked “Supernova Sessions”

The latest edition of “Supernova Sessions” hit a bit of a snag when an unseen individual stole the NXT UK Heritage Cup from Noam Dar’s dressing room and barricaded The Scottish Supernova and Sha Samuels inside, leaving both of them furious when they discovered the ruse.

Thus, Mark Coffey welcomed the NXT UK Universe to the show, “joined as always by Joe Coffey and Wolfgang,” who made themselves right at home on the show’s sofa.

A perplexed Jordan Devlin joined the show and begrudgingly agreed to take a seat and be interviewed. Seconds later, however, Dar and Samuels emerged, and after a heated exchange of words, Dar looked to grab his trophy and exit.

Joe Coffey briefly prevented his departure, however, holding onto the trophy for a few seconds and telling Dar that he “better keep a tight grasp on that and enjoy it while it lasts.”

A-Kid def. Saxon Huxley

An unhinged mindset and a frenzied fighting style: Are these Saxon Huxley’s greatest attributes or his biggest weaknesses?

Regardless, A-Kid has recently taken an interest in Huxley and seems intent on pulling something special out of the most bizarre Superstar on NXT UK.

To the surprise of all – especially The Spanish Sensation – Huxley seemed to harness his rage and employ a more methodical game plan, at least until A-Kid slapped him in the face, which resulted in Huxley repeatedly bouncing his opponent’s head off the canvas.

Huxley mostly kept his cool from bell to bell, though that didn’t stop A-Kid from soaring off the top rope and catching his foe with a thunderous DDT all in one motion to earn the win. The narrow loss left Huxley disheveled, but A-Kid somewhat calmed him down and shook his hand.

Nathan Frazer def. Teoman

Even prior to the opening bell, Nathan Frazer was facing an uphill battle in his clash with Teoman.

Frazer was savagely beaten by Teoman and the rest of Die Familie in the parking lot last week, and he would also have to contend with Rohan Raja and Charlie Dempsey patrolling the ringside area and ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.

Nevertheless, the determined Superstar stormed out of the starting blocks, blitzing his foe with a dropkick and mostly controlling the action until Teoman sent him throat-first into the top rope and executed a neckbreaker with the assistance of the turnbuckle.

After narrowly kicking out when Teoman landed a missile dropkick to the back of his neck, Frazer caught fire with a slingblade and soared off the top rope to wipe out all three Die Familie members at ringside.

Moments later, Frazer was met by Dempsey when he climbed to the top rope, but he knocked him to the ringside floor with a right hand and unleashed a breathtaking corkscrew 450 on Teoman for the win.