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Thursday, Feb 3 | 4/3 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: Feb. 3, 2022

Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter def. Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff

In arguably their finest moment in nearly two-and-a-half years as a tandem, Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter narrowly edged Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff , emerging triumphant from a taxing four-team tournament to earn an NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match against Moustache Mountain.

With Moustache Mountain watching from the announce table, Starz and Mastiff seemed to have some issues getting on the same page when it came to tagging in and out of the match. Nevertheless, the tandem got rolling when Starz shook off a prolonged beatdown from both of his opponents to make a diving tag to Mastiff, who blistered Smith with several savage strikes and suplexed him across the ring with a belly-to-belly.

With Starz shouting for a tag, Mastiff matter-of-factly told his partner “I’ve got this. You stay there.” But when Mastiff whiffed on his Into the Void cannonball, Smith tagged in Carter, and the veteran pair hit a couple of impressive double-team maneuvers to seal the win.

After knocking on the door and hovering in the title picture for so long, can “The Hottest Team Under the Sun” capture gold now that they’ve earned their first-ever title bout?

Isla Dawn def. Myla Grace

Though Isla Dawn is capable of sending shivers down the spine of her opponents merely with her presence – not to mention her bizarre habit of collecting “trophies” from her peers – the upstart Myla Grace stood her ground against her cackling opponent.

While The White Witch overwhelmed her opponent in the early goings, Grace got rolling with a flurry of right hands, a flying headscissors and a ring-rattling tornado DDT for a two-count.

Dawn quickly regrouped by landing a pinpoint kick the face and nearly driving Grace through the canvas with an innovative slam for the win.

NXT UK Champion Meiko Satomura def. Blair Davenport via referee stoppage in a Japanese Street Fight

Combine Blair Davenport’s frustration over losing via rollup in her previous championship bout with Meiko Satomura with The Final Boss’ rage after suffering a savage post-match beatdown from her challenger, and you have the recipe for a barbaric rematch that could only be contested under Japanese Street Fight rules.

Wielding a Kendo stick, Davenport swung for the fences at the toll of the opening bell, but Satomura dodged and blasted her foe with several stiff kicks as the fight immediately spilled to ringside.

The Best in the World soon brandished nunchucks and landed several blows to the midsection back in the ring, but Davenport staggered the titleholder by dropkicking a chair into Satomura’s face.

Laying face-down on the apron, Satomura appeared to be in serious jeopardy when the challenger leapt from the top rope and drove her feet into her back, but Davenport suffered an apparent left leg injury on the ringside landing, and the official called for the bell.

Satomura stood tall with her championship, while Davenport was stretchered out of the arena as NXT UK concluded.