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Thursday, Jan 13 | 4/3 PMC

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Thursday, Jan 13 | 4/3 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: Jan. 13, 2022

Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff def. Teoman & Rohan Raja in an NXT UK Tag Team Championship Eliminator Semifinal Match

Gallus clearly have not forgotten about the savage attack from Die Familie that resulted in all three members brutalized to a degree not previously seen. And The Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang picked the perfect time to exact retribution: right in the middle of a high-stakes semifinal tournament bout that pitted Teoman and Rohan Raja against Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff.

Joe Coffey hopped the barricade and advanced toward Charlie Dempsey right after Dempsey had yanked Starz from the apron to prevent a possible tag to Mastiff. As Dempsey backpedaled up the entranceway, he found himself cut off by Mark Coffey and Wolfgang.

Seconds later, with Teoman and Dempsey preoccupied by their rivals, Mastiff landed a thunderous German suplex on Raja for the three-count.

With that, Gallus and Die Familie engaged in a wild but brief six-man brawl at ringside that was quickly broken up by NXT UK officials.

Amale def. Stevie Turner

Amale recently opened up about the struggles she had to endure on her journey to WWE, but she did so to mocking and jeers from Stevie Turner and Jinny, the latter of whom joined the commentary desk for this heated clash.

Though The Fashionista refused to mince words and referred to Amale as a “weak, fragile girl,” The French Hope proved otherwise when she absorbed Turner’s savage kick to the face and kicked out at two.

Amale caught fire soon after, overwhelming her foe with a rapid flurry of kicks and driving her back-first in the canvas with a decisive “Hope Breaker.”

WALTER def. Nathan Frazer in WALTER’s NXT UK Farewell Match

When you think of NXT UK, what images generally come to mind?

Memories of WALTER engaging in legendary NXT UK Championship fights, doling out thunderous chops and steamrolling opponents likely spring to mind.

And though The Ring General lost his title to Ilja Dragunov after an incredible reign of 870 days last October, he nevertheless was welcomed back to the brand by the fans, who bellowed a rendition of his theme music and chanted his name in WALTER’s final match against Nathan Frazer.

After using his strength advantage to control the early goings, WALTER issued a condescending pat on the head to Frazer, who responded with a slap to the face and a barrage of kicks. Nevertheless, it wasn’t long before The Austrian Anomaly was back on the attack and dropping his foe with a ring-rattling scoop slam.

Frazer seemed to be on the verge of an incredible upset when he delivered a superkick to the jaw, a stomp and a frog splash, but WALTER kicked out at two.

And when Frazer went back to the top rope, WALTER cut out his legs from under him and nearly drove him through the canvas with a vicious powerbomb for the three-count.