Saxon Huxley: Bio

Saxon Huxley

Reborn in isolation, Saxon Huxley has re-emerged as one of the most dangerous competitors in NXT UK.

Once an introspective, methodical competitor, Huxley’s mind ate away at itself during isolation, turning the Hartlepool native into a wild-eyed, chain-wielding brawler. As terrifying as the growling madman may be, he’s equally devastating inside the squared circle. Harnessing his rage, Huxley hurls his opponents around the ring with reckless abandon before pummeling them into submission with absolutely devastating strikes.

The unhinged Saxon Huxley has promised to wash the world away. If his devastating performance inside the ring is anything to go by, perhaps the NXT UK roster should heed his words when they cross paths: “There he goes. There goes Saxon Huxley. Stay away from him.”

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