WWE NXT UK results: May 26, 2022

Mark Coffey def. Saxon Huxley

Mark Coffey looked to take full advantage of the opportunity to step out on his own as his brother Joe Coffey took some time off for himself. The younger Coffey began his singles run with a slugfest against the wild Saxon Huxley, running right at the massive Superstar before being upended by a Lou Thesz Press.

Huxley fired himself up to deliver a trio of knees to Coffey’s midsection followed shortly by an elbow drop for a near fall. Coffey battled back to drop the massive Huxley with a clubbing blow and an enziguri.

The Gallus Boy kept the momentum rolling after surviving a sit-down powerbomb, planting Huxley with a side slam and a running forearm to earn the 1-2-3. Afterward, Coffey looked into the camera and dedicated his victory to his brother Joe.

Lash Legend def. Emilia McKenzie

After repeated insults and slights, Emilia McKenzie locked up with Lash Legend in an attempt to beat some respect into the NXT 2.0 Superstar. Instead, the boastful Legend scoffed at McKenize’s attempts to take her off her feet, easily tossing Meiko Satomura’s protégé around the ring.

McKenzie brought Legend down to a knee with a well-placed dropkick, but Legend popped right back up to drop her face first onto the mat before delivering a flurry of stomps and an elbow drop in the center of the ring. Legend continued to control the match with repeated slams until McKenzie rolled out of the way of another attempted elbow drop to send Legend reeling with a series of uppercuts and a spinning neckbreaker.

The UK Superstar flattened Legend with a dive through the ropes and a top rope crossbody followed closely by a spear for a pair of near falls. McKenzie continued to take it to her larger opponent, but Legend caught her with a massive pump kick out of nowhere to score the pinfall.

Sha Samuels def. Damon Kemp

Damon Kemp stepped into the ring with payback on his mind after Sha Samuels’ surprise attack weeks ago. The former Division I grappler showed off his Greco-Roman skills, taking Samuels down to the mat with multiple slams before dropping him with a gutwrench suplex and a powerslam.

While Noam Dar sipped from his flask at ringside, Samuels knocked Kemp with a huge forearm, flipping the NXT 2.0 transplant end-over-end with a clothesline before raining down blows. Samuels hammered away at Kemp, targeting his left arm and shoulder.

Kemp smartly rolled out of the way of a second top-rope elbow drop and picked up steam with a fireman’s carry takedown and a series of belly-to-belly suplexes. After a rolling slam by Kemp, Dar roped the American’s foot with his towel to cause a momentary distraction which allowed Samuels to race in and deliver a ring-shaking spinebuster for the win.

Charlie Dempsey def. A-Kid

With the rest of Die Familie banned from ringside, Charlie Dempsey and A-Kid battered one another in the opening rounds of their Heritage Cup Rules match. The two technical Superstars countered and reversed multiple submission attempts as they jockeyed for position with Dempsey kicking out of a unique pin attempt right as the bell rang to signal the end of the first round.

A-Kid attempted to wear down Dempsey in the second round, but the newest member of Die Familie countered each attempt with a suplex to regain control. The technical masterclass between the two Superstars continued into the third round until Dempsey had enough and leveled A-Kid with a flying uppercut.

After a devastating suplex Dempsey went to lock in his bow and arrow submission, but A-Kid wisely tapped out before he could fully cinch it in to give Dempsey the first decision. Realizing his situation, A-Kid came out kicking in the fourth round as the two traded strikes in the center of the ring.

The Spanish Sensation kept the pressure on Dempsey with a flurry of suplexes before catching Dempsey in mid-air for a sleeper hold. Both competitors fought for control until A-Kid earned the upper hand and sent Dempsey flying with another suplex before tagging him with a pinpoint flying kick to earn the pinfall.

Tied at one fall a piece, A-Kid took the fight right to Dempsey at the start of the fifth round, flattening him with a top-rope crossbody and a Fisherman’s Suplex. A-Kid tried to force a tap out from Dempsey with a series of submission holds, but the bruiser continually powered out and survived a flurry of offense, including a stunning moonsault DDT in the few seconds, to make it to the sixth round.

As the bell rang for the final round, A-Kid flew in for a brutal dropkick in the corner and a pair of suplexes. Dempsey crawled to his corner to grab his towel and a pair of hidden brass knuckles, tossing the weapon to A-Kid in the hopes of getting him disqualified. While A-Kid pleaded his case with the referee, Dempsey snuck in to deliver a vicious right hand before slinging A-Kid over his shoulders with a Fisherman’s Suplex, holding on for the pinfall to earn the second and deciding decision.

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