A-Kid looks to set the record straight in Heritage Cup Rules Match with Charlie Dempsey

The intense rivalry between A-Kid and Die Familie is set to continue Thursday as the Spanish sensation collides with Charlie Dempsey in a special Heritage Cup Rules rematch. Plus, Mark Coffey steps out of his brother’s shadow to take on Saxon Huxley and NXT 2.0 Superstars take over NXT UK as Damon Kemp strikes back at Sha Samuels and Lash Legend throws down with Emilia McKenzie.

After suffering multiple 3-on-1 beatdowns at the hands of Die Familie, A-Kid will get a brief respite in his rematch with Dempsey as Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala decreed both Teoman and Rohan Raja were banned from ringside.

The leader of Die Familie and his right-hand man were pivotal in Dempsey’s initial victory against A-Kid, interfering in the match to launch the former Heritage Cup Champion into the ring post before Dempsey locked in a bow and arrow submission to force a tap out.

That loss did not sit right with A-Kid so he approached Dempsey for a rematch in order to set the record straight. Will A-Kid be able to right the wrongs from his first showdown with Dempsey or will “The Eye” see a similar outcome?

After brothers Joe & Mark Coffey fell to Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter two weeks ago, a disappointed Joe Coffey decided to take some time away, stating that he should be a better big brother to Mark. The two have been unable to get on the same page recently, but with Joe now gone can Mark step into the spotlight and put The Gallus Boys back on top starting with his one-on-one showdown with Huxley?

A-Kid looks to set the record straight in Heritage Cup Rules Match with Charlie Dempsey

Finally, a pair of NXT 2.0 Superstars are set for action on the UK brand as Legend makes her debut across the pond against NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura’s protégé McKenzie.

Legend has repeatedly gotten under McKenzie’s skin since arriving at the BT Sports Studios, having McKenize take care of her luggage, stepping in to steal the spotlight during a backstage interview and most recently belittling the rising Superstar’s role in NT UK resulting in a backstage brawl.

Kemp also plans to shut up another big mouth Superstar as he locks horns with Samuels in search of retribution following Samuels’ ruthless attack on Kemp after his debut match against Danny Jones. An assault Samuels carried out after feeling slighted by Kemp “ruining” his chances with Legend.

Can Kemp and Legend stake NXT 2.0’s claim overseas or will McKenzie and Samuels show the pair a thing or two about how things are done across the Atlantic?

Find out on an extraordinary edition of NXT UK, streaming today at 3 ET/8 BST on Peacock in the United States and on WWE Network everywhere else!

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