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Thursday, Jul 24 | 9/8 PMC

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WWE NXT results - July 24, 2014: Breeze helps Rusev crush Adrian Neville; Charlotte defeats former BFF Summer Rae

WWE NXT: July 24, 2014

ORLANDO, Fla. — There was plenty of action that left the WWE Universe buzzing after this week’s edition of NXT. The budding rivalry between NXT Champion Adrian Neville and No. 1 Contender Tyler Breeze was taken to a new level, as Breeze helped the monstrous Rusev steamroll the champion. Also this week, the BFFs imploded, as NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte defended her title against Summer Rae.

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WWE NXT: July 24, 2014
NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension def. local competitors
The local grapplers hoping to make a name for themselves in NXT were in for a rough night when they found themselves standing across the ring from the NXT Tag Team Champions. Konnor & Viktor showed no mercy, viciously stomping their foes into the canvas before putting them out of their misery with the Fall of Man. Is there any team that can stop NXT’s most dominant duo?

Tyler Breeze def. Mojo Rawley
Though he has yet to sign a contract to face NXT Champion Adrian Neville, No. 1 Contender Tyler Breeze has recovered enough from the injury he suffered in a freak hand-modeling accident to return to action. Faced with an extra-hyped Mojo Rawley, Prince Pretty used his smarts to avoid being steamrolled. Feigning more damage to his heavily bandaged finger, Breeze suckered Rawley into perfect position for the Beauty Shot to earn the victory.

WWE NXT: July 24, 2014
NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte def. Summer Rae
The bond between the BFFs was broken once and for all this week, as Summer Rae challenged Charlotte for the NXT Women’s Championship. There was no pretense of sportsmanship, as the match started with the two Divas shoving each other before the champion slapped Summer, then mocked her with a little ballroom dancing.

Charlotte and Summer had each other scouted quite well, each Diva able to predict what the other would do next. The champion wore the challenger down with a figure-four headlock while wrenching on Summer’s arm. Fandango’s former flame took control by sending Charlotte crashing to the floor before choking her in the corner. Charlotte was able to power out of Summer’s clutches and retain her title after landing Bow Down to the Queen.

Kalisto & Sin Cara def. The Vaudevillains
Last week, The Vaudevillains cornered Kalisto, prompting the masked Superstar to find a new partner in fellow luchador Sin Cara to take on the scoundrels. Though the old-timey tag team had the advantage when it came to power, Aiden English & Simon Gotch couldn’t quite keep up with their opposition’s speed. Though The Vaudevillains looked impressive, they were caught off-guard as Kalisto sprang into action, stunning Gotch with a devastating maneuver to get the win!

NXT Champion Adrian Neville def. Rusev via disqualification
Faced with the prospect of taking on the seemingly unstoppable Rusev, NXT Champion Adrian Neville chose the best offense, hitting a move and darting away fast. Unfortunately for Neville, the brick wall that is Rusev could not be toppled by his high-flying offense at first. The Russian brute caught Neville and hurled him around before pummeling him into the canvas. The Man That Gravity Forgot found a second wind and stunned the Gold Star Medal recipient with a series of kicks.

Neville had the beast in perfect position for the Red Arrow, until Breeze knocked him off the ropes in clear view of the official, giving Neville the disqualification win. Unfortunately for the NXT Champion, he was also in Rusev’s path of destruction. The Hero of the Russian Federation locked Neville in the Accolade as Breeze watched on in glee from ringside.