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Viktor has a vision, and he will do whatever he can to instill that vision into the WWE Universe as one-half of The Ascension with Konnor. The unconventional Superstars from The Wasteland are motivated by a peculiar mindset to which only few can relate.

The Ascension first made their mark in WWE NXT where Viktor & Konnor dominated the tag team landscape with brute force, holding onto the NXT Tag Team Championships for a record-setting 344 days. Throughout December 2014, ominous videos heralded the main roster arrival of the monstrous duo. The message was simple: The Ascension would turn the squared circle into their instrument of destruction, introducing their opponents to a wasteland of punishment.

Upon their arrival, the team accomplished just that, toppling Superstars and Legends alike in pursuit of complete and utter dominance of SmackDown LIVE’s tag team division. Now, Konnor and Viktor are back on Raw and ready to lay waste to any and all that get in their way.

Feel like stepping up to them? Go ahead. The Wasteland’s always got room for one more.

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