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Simon Gotch







Arkham, Mass.

Signature Move

Gentleman's Clutch; Whirling Dervish

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Simon Gotch

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NXT Tag Team Champion

Simon Gotch

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Simon Gotch

Don’t let his old-timey villain mustache fool you: Simon Gotch was no 1920s cliché. As the muscle of The Vaudevillains tag team, his presence was a roaring one, and like the strongmen of yesteryear, his power and manliness knew no bounds.

With his one-armed singlet, Gotch looked like a carnival powerlifter, but his style was a fit for all ages and times. He preached the philosophy of debonair devastation and practiced what he preached, clobbering his opponents with iron-hardened fists and setting them up for the acrobatic stylings of his partner, Aiden English.

In an era when “old school” was an expression verging on pastiche, Gotch brought the philosophy back to the forefront of WWE – with all the manliness that accompanied it.

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