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Tuesday, Jun 11 | 8/7 AMC

Golden 1 Center
Sacramento, CA

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Tuesday, Jun 11 | 8/7 AMC

SmackDown Results : Full Details


The Miz and Shane McMahon nearly came to blows on “Miz TV”

“Miz TV” gets heated with Shane McMahon, Drew McIntyre & Elias: SmackDown LIVE, June 11, 2019

The A-Lister welcomes his former tag team partner and rival Shane McMahon, Drew McIntyre and Elias to an intense edition of “Miz TV.”

Still on cloud nine after his controversial victory over Roman Reigns at WWE Super ShowDown, Shane McMahon joined “Miz TV” accompanied by Drew McIntyre and Elias. Their turbulent past still very much present in both of their minds, Miz and Shane-O-Mac were at each other’s throats from the jump.

The A-Lister pointed out that Shane’s accomplishments were tainted, but Shane insisted that his focus was now on McIntyre putting Reigns down definitively when they square off at WWE Stomping Grounds. Miz continued to come right for Shane’s pride, leading to insults being slung back and forth. Finally, Shane hit The A-Lister with a proposition: The Miz would get a chance to face off with Shane tonight … but only if he could get through Elias … and then Drew McIntyre … and all of it would be next.


Shane McMahon took advantage of The Miz after he attempted to run a grueling gauntlet

With the odds stacked against him, The Miz got the chance to get a piece of Shane McMahon tonight by way of defeating Elias and Drew McIntyre in singles bouts. The A-Lister was undeterred by the mountain he was facing, and with Shane and McIntyre lurking at ringside, he took down The Living Truth down with a Skull-Crushing Finale to get one step closer to colliding with Shane-O-Mac.

That was just the first step for Miz though, as The Scottish Psychopath entered the ring to prey on a worn-down A-Lister. Miz battled through and staggered the massive McIntyre at points, but the combination of what he went through against Elias, plus a distraction from Shane and McIntyre’s sheer brutality led to Miz being finished off by a ring-rattling Claymore Kick for three.

Despite Miz not being victorious, Shane-O-Mac took advantage of the situation by calling for a match against the down and dazed A-Lister. Shane-O-Mac’s plan almost backfired though when Miz fired back on Shane, but Miz’s exhaustion was too much to overcome, with Shane getting the better of him and then placing Miz in his signature Triangle Hold for a “win” before another excessive celebration.

The Miz vs. Elias: SmackDown LIVE, June 11, 2019

The Awesome One must get through The Living Truth and Drew McIntyre to get his hands on Shane McMahon.


Heavy Machinery def. local competitors

SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Rowan arrived with intentions of defending their titles against the “Yolo County Tag Team Champions” in a title unification match. However, those plans were diverted when Heavy Machinery arrived and claimed that Bryan and Rowan were still ducking their challenge for a SmackDown Tag Team Title Match. Heavy Machinery were ready to scrap, and Bryan gave them that chance by suggesting that they be the ones to take on the Yolo County Tag Team Champs.

With Bryan and Rowan observing at ringside, Otis & Tucker demolished their opposition, finishing them off with the Compactor, clearly proving they belong in the ring with the real Tag Team Champions.

Heavy Machinery want more championships: Exclusive, June 11, 2019

After dethroning the Yolo County Tag Team Champions on SmackDown LIVE, Otis & Tucker say it's inevitable that the SmackDown Tag Team Titles are next.


Sonya Deville def. Carmella

Carmella vs. Sonya Deville: SmackDown LIVE, June 11, 2019

After Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville cost her a SmackDown Women’s Title opportunity, The Princess of Staten Island takes on The Golden Goddess’ best friend.

Although Carmella has been a stellar friend to R-Truth since the start of his saga with the 24/7 Championship, Princess Mella has been put at a disadvantage on the blue brand. The Princess of Staten Island looked to overcome the thorns in her side - Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose - by squaring off against Deville tonight.

Despite Mandy Rose’s presence at ringside, Carmella was in rare form, clearly looking for retribution after Fire & Desire cost her a SmackDown Women’s Title opportunity just last week.

Princess Mella looked to be closing in on a submission victory when she trapped Deville in the Code of Silence, but God’s Greatest Creation placed Deville’s foot on the bottom rope to force a break. Carmella struck back when she dropped Mandy with a wicked superkick at ringside when Mandy once again tried to get involved, but Deville took advantage of the distraction the second Carmella reentered the ring, connecting with a vicious step-up knee strike for the controversial win. 


The New Day engaged in a war of words with Ziggler, Owens & Zayn

The New Day’s return is crashed: SmackDown LIVE, June 11, 2019

With Big E back from injury, The New Day are at full strength again, but their opponents in tonight’s main event have something to say.

With Big E medically cleared for competition, The New Day shifted their focus to the task that awaits them tonight: A Six-Man Tag Team Match against Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn. However, their opposition interrupted, with The Showoff still insisting that all of Kofi Kingston's success should have been his. The New Day fired back by promising that Ziggler, KO and Zayn would all get what was coming to them tonight.