WWE 2K18 New Moves Pack DLC is available now

WWE 2K18 New Moves Pack DLC is available now

WWE 2K18 is loaded with tons of customization options, and now it’s getting a big boost with the New Moves Pack downloadable content!

Over 50 new moves are included in the pack for players to add to established WWE Superstars and custom creations alike.

Below is just a sample of the moves included:

  • Total Elimination
  • Tequila Sunrise/Uso Splash
  • Crash Landing
  • X-Plex
  • Tye Breaker 2
  • La Magistral
  • Bitter End
  • Bop & Bang
  • Apron Piledriver
  • Running Leg Lariat
  • Hammerlock DDT 2
  • Dragon Sleeper 6
  • Tiger Bomb 2

If you already own the WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition, Cena (Nuff) Edition, or the Season Pass, the New Moves Pack is available to download at no additional charge!

WWE 2K18 Downloadable Content Offerings*

The complete WWE 2K18 downloadable content offerings include the following:

Kurt Angle Pack

  • Formerly available only as a pre-order bonus
  • Includes two playable versions of Kurt Angle (WWE “American Hero” and ECW “Wrestling Machine”)
  • The Kurt Angle Pack is available now for $4.99

Cena (Nuff) Pack

  • Formerly available only in the WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition or Cena (Nuff) Edition
  • Includes two playable versions of John Cena (ECW One Night Stand and WrestleMania 26) and playable characters Batista and Rob Van Dam
  • The Cena (Nuff) Pack is available now for $7.99


  • Players will gain access to all unlockable content available at launch in the game’s VC Purchasable section (excluding downloadable content).
  • Players can also decide the overall rankings and attribute levels for all playable characters throughout the life of the product.
  • The Accelerator will be available for $4.99.

Enduring Icons Pack

MyPlayer Kick Start

  • Players will gain access to unlock and boost MyPlayer ratings and attributes made available at launch as part of the game’s MyCareer mode.
  • Players can also unlock all clothing made available at launch that provides attribute boosts in MyCareer.
  • MyPlayer Kick Start will be available for $9.99.

New Moves Pack

  • Explore a wide variety of new in-game moves, including the Tye-Breaker (made popular by Tye Dillinger); the Crash Landing (made popular by Kassius Ohno); the Pumphandle Death Valley Driver (made popular by Akam); and the Swinging Sleeper Slam (made popular by WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page).
  • The New Moves Pack will be available for $3.99.

NXT Generation Pack

PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account and Internet connection required. Copy of WWE 2K18 required to play.

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