WWE 2K18 MyCareer mode details revealed by 2K

Inside WWE 2K18's MyCareer and Road to Glory modes

Fans of the popular MyCareer mode will have a lot to look forward to in WWE 2K18.

In a recent blog post on 2K’s office website for the upcoming video game, Ramelle Ballesca, the WWE 2K18 MyCareer Designer at Visual Concepts, revealed new information about what to expect in the 2K’s signature in-game mode. In particular, Ballesca detailed the ability to roam freely backstage, to experience more in-depth interactions for your created Superstars and to invade your friends’ ongoing MyCareer experiences.

The revamped MyCareer put special emphasis on two specific areas:

  • Renewed focus on compelling stories for MyPLAYERs: 2K will introduce a more in-depth story for MyPLAYERs, the players’ created Superstar in MyCareer, to follow. The MyPLAYERs can pursue two distinct routes to glory in this virtual MyCareer Universe: a “Company Man” path which focuses on supporting the General Managers, or a “Fan Favorite” path that puts the onus on MyPLAYERs to have the best matches and in-ring interactions.
  • The ability to roam freely backstage: MyPLAYERs now have access to an expansive backstage area in MyCareer that will allow them to seek out new side quests and interactions with other Superstars. Rather than sifting through tedious menu options, MyPLAYERs can choose their next adventure just by approaching a Superstar backstage and striking up a conversation.

This year’s MyCareer will also build upon the success of the Promos feature added in last year’s game. 
In WWE 2K18, 2K focused on making the virtual Superstars look and feel more authentic when compared to their real-life counterparts. To accomplish this, 2K created over 200 new animations to truly capture the essence of Superstars on the WWE 2K18 roster like The Undertaker, Enzo Amore and The New Day, among others.

WWE 2K18 MyCareer details

These new animations paired with a Superstars’ responses should make all MyPLAYERs feel like they are waging a war of words with their MyCareer rivals. MyPLAYERs will then be rewarded based on their responses during these Promo moments, with the highest scores going to WWE 2K18 fans who make cohesive statements and then remain consistent throughout the interaction.

Finally, MyCareer in WWE 2K18 will add the ability for friends and family to actually invade a MyPLAYER’s ongoing experience. MyPLAYERs can now invade their friends’ MyCareer save, and vice versa. Invading MyPLAYERs can act like any other Superstars in the backstage area, meaning they can become a new tag team partner, a rival or an unlikely partner for an in-game side quest.

WWE 2K18 is not yet rated by the ESRB and is currently scheduled for worldwide release on Tuesday, Oct. 17, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as in Fall 2017 on Nintendo Switch.

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