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Wednesday, Apr 10 | 8/7 PMC

WWE NXT Results : Full Details


Candice LeRae def. Aliyah

Candice LeRae vs. Aliyah: WWE NXT, April 10, 2019

Candice LeRae searches for payback as she battles Aliyah in a grudge match. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — After being called a “loser” by Aliyah & Vanessa Borne last week, Candice LeRae stopped at nothing to make sure that Aliyah was staring at the lights at the conclusion of their one-on-one showdown tonight.

LeRae’s path to victory was almost derailed by Borne when The Vision distracted her, enabling Aliyah to take control of the action. After several failed pin attempts, however, the boujee Superstar grew frustrated and slapped LeRae. That proved to be a mistake, as the blatant show of disrespect seemed to reignite LeRae’s competitive fire.

LeRae hit back with a series of high-impact moves before flattening Aliyah with a quebrada to claim a victory that was not only personally gratifying, but elevating for LeRae as she looks to reassert herself in the crowded NXT Women’s division.


Jaxson Ryker def. Danny Burch

Danny Burch vs. Jaxson Ryker: WWE NXT, April 10, 2019

One week after defeating Oney Lorcan, Jaxson Ryker takes on Lorcan's teammate, Danny Burch. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Danny Burch was determined to make up for teammate Oney Lorcan’s loss to Jaxson Ryker on last week’s NXT, and it showed. The British Superstar raced out the gate with a high-octane attack, plastering The Forgotten Sons’ heavy hitter with one bomb after another. Burch even felled the monstrous brawler with a missile dropkick, at which point Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake entered the ring to try to slow Burch’s momentum.

Only, Burch hadn’t forgotten about them. He threw Cutler out of the ring and sidestepped a charging Blake. Lorcan, who was seconding Burch, then finished the job, crossbody-blocking Blake onto the floor in a collision that left both Superstars in a heap. The fiery series of events cleared the ring of Cutler & Blake, but it also gave Ryker a chance to recover. Moments after Burch returned his attention to the match, Ryker thrashed him with the Widowmaker. After that, the three-count was academic.

Lorcan tried to save Burch from a post-match onslaught by Ryker but instead suffered a beatdown by all three Forgotten Sons for his troubles. Safe to say that Burch & Lorcan won’t soon forget this run-in with The Savages of NXT.


Street Profits def. Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel

Following their early eliminations from the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, The Street Profits and Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel were both hunting for an all-important win on the first NXT after WrestleMania Week.

Aichner & Barthel dictated the pace early, using quick tags and explosive double-team maneuvers to wear down Montez Ford. The duo scored a thrilling near fall after a rapid-fire exchange that saw Aichner drill Montez Ford with a brainbuster, Barthel torpedo Angelo Dawkins with a tope suicide and Aichner splash King Tez with a double-springboard moonsault.

The action only dialed up from there. Aichner & Barthel went for a powerbomb/European uppercut combo, but Ford evaded Barthel’s strike and The Curse of Greatness cut Aichner in half with a spear. The Sultans of Swag then hit the clincher, with Dawkins lifting Barthel onto his shoulders and Ford soaring off the top rope with an incredible blockbuster to seal the victory and put The Street Profits back on a winning track.