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Thursday, Nov 18 | 3/2 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: Nov. 18, 2021

A-Kid def. Sam Gradwell via submission

After being defeated by NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov in an edge-of-your-seat title bout last month, A-Kid wasn’t seeking an easy win in his return to action.

Instead, he went to war with Sam Gradwell, who has spent the last several months crusading for respect and demanding to be acknowledged as one of the founding fathers of NXT UK.

For the most part, The Thunderstorm backed up his bluster, particularly when he repeatedly downed A-Kid with a series of clubbing forearm blows and suplexed him on the ringside floor.

The former NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion showed his resilience, however, narrowly beating the official’s 10-count and trapping Gradwell in an armbar to force the tapout.

Aleah James def. Nina Samuels

Perhaps no Superstar in NXT UK has caught fire as quickly as Aleah James.

And after she defeated Nina Samuels to follow up on her recent win over Xia Brookside, it’s becoming fair to wonder if her recent victories should even be considered upsets.

Landing a jaw-dropping hurricanrana that sent Samuels soaring across the canvas and displaying incredible athleticism from start to finish, James shook off a wicked trio of backbreakers from her antagonistic rival and earned the win by rebounding with a unique rollup.

Kenny Williams def. Saxon Huxley

Right from the opening bell, Kenny Williams didn’t seem to know what to make of Saxon Huxley; to be fair, Williams’ initial confusion wasn’t unexpected, particularly since they first crossed paths last week while Huxley was throwing objects around the backstage area and releasing guttural screams. 

Huxley’s rage was on full display when he repeatedly slammed Williams against the canvas and later rocked him with a crossbody.

Nevertheless, The Scum of the Earth lived up to his moniker when crawled under the ring and snuck up behind Huxley before running him face-first into the ring post. Moments later, Williams picked up the win by dropping his foe with Bad Luck.

Teoman & Rohan Raja def. Mark Coffey & Wolfgang

Teoman finally delivered on his longstanding promise that his family would soon grow, and the apparent newest member immediately paid dividends.

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang seemed to be closing in on victory when The Last King of Scotland floored his foes with a double clothesline and tagged in Mark Coffey, who nearly slammed Teoman through the canvas for a long two-count.

Then, without warning, Charlie Dempsey hopped the barricade and attacked Joe Coffey from behind, flinging him into the steel steps. Teoman and Rohan Raja capitalized, planting Wolfgang with a pair of high-impact slams for the 1-2-3.

After the bell, Dempsey entered the ring and joined Teoman and Raja for a post-match beatdown of Gallus before posing with his fellow attackers as NXT UK concluded.