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Thursday, Oct 21 | 3/2 PMC

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Thursday, Oct 21 | 3/2 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: Oct. 21, 2021

Aleah James def. Xia Brookside

During a chance encounter at the NXT UK Performance Center (and after being egged on by Nina Samuels), Xia Brookside approached Aleah James to suggest a singles bout on this week’s NXT UK.

And while a smiling and seemingly overconfident Brookside seemed to think that she was in line for a layup win against her upstart opponent, James stunned her more experienced foe with a pair of crossbodies and a dropkick.

Brookside appeared to regain control with a neckbreaker, but James deftly countered a Brooksy Bomb attempt into a rollup for the 1-2-3 and the biggest win of her career. After the bell, James extended her hand, but Brookside gave it a rough slap before exiting the ring and pounding the steel ring steps in frustration.

Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff def. Symbiosis by disqualification

Though he’s only been teaming with Jack Starz for a handful of matches, Dave Mastiff has had quite the impact on his much smaller tag team partner.

Whereas Starz hesitated when Tyler Bate offered him an NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship Match just a few short months ago, he paced like a caged lion while awaiting what would undoubtedly be a vicious slugfest with Symbiosis, and his aggression continued from bell to bell.

With NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly touting their own greatness from the commentary table, Starz absorbed a plethora of slams and powerbombs before making a diving tag to Mastiff, who delivered a German suplex and cannonball to T-Bone.

With his team in trouble, Eddie Dennis suddenly ambushed Starz with a steel chair, resulting in a disqualification and setting off a wild brawl that sparked the arrival of Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter, who chucked Symbiosis from the ring before getting into a brief standoff with Starz and Mastiff.

Noam Dar sucker-punched Tyler Bate on “Supernova Sessions”

With an NXT UK Heritage Cup Match in his back pocket, Noam Dar was perhaps even more arrogant than usual on “Supernova Sessions.”

Flanked by Sha Samuels, Dar was joined by NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion Tyler Bate and Trent Seven, and claimed to respect The Big Strong Boi before insisting that Bate has gotten complacent and lazy. He even accused him of carrying deadweight in the form of Seven.

When Seven rose from his chair to confront the antagonistic host, Bate calmed him down before promising that the result would be the same as it always is when he and Dar collide. Dar concluded the interview with a sucker punch to Bate’s jaw before he and Samuels fled the scene. 

Jordan Devlin def. Joe Coffey

After being defeated in controversial fashion by Joe Coffey, Jordan Devlin was in no mood for shenanigans, and he proved as much by ruthlessly ambushing Coffey from behind while The Iron King was entering the arena.

Following a wild ringside brawl, Coffey and Devlin engaged in an instant classic, and Devlin got the upper hand by hurling Coffey into the ring post and mercilessly bending his body around the steel.

Despite spending several minutes back on his heels and reeling from Devlin’s onslaught, Coffey struck back with a flying shoulder block and a crossbody from the middle rope, but Devlin answered with a springboard cutter and a moonsault that wiped out his foe at ringside.

Coffey stopped Devlin dead in his tracks when he met him atop the turnbuckles and suplexed him from the top rope, though the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion recovered to crack his nemesis with a headbutt and a breathtaking 450 splash before sealing the victory with the Devlin Side.