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Thursday, Oct 28 | 3/2 PMC

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Thursday, Oct 28 | 3/2 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: Oct. 28, 2021

Mark Coffey def. Rohan Raja

A loss to Wolfgang in the semifinals of the NXT UK Heritage Cup No. 1 Contender’s Tournament has been eating at Teoman and his disciple Rohan Raja, and the two have vowed retribution against Gallus.

Described by announcer Andy Shepherd as “powerful, athletic and loyal,” Raja accomplished a feat that few others have: He briefly outslugged a Gallus member. Unfortunately for Raja, it was only temporary as Coffey answered with a series of clubbing blows and a bulldog that drew a two-count. Moments later, Coffey clocked his foe with a kick to the face and a savage elbow strike to earn the win.

After the bell, Teoman and Raja suddenly blindsided Coffey and Wolfgang, dishing out significant punishment and only relenting when a slew of officials interceded.

Amale def. Myla Grace

After coming up short in a tense NXT UK Women’s Championship Match against Meiko Satomura in July and also being defeated by the titleholder’s protégé Emilia McKenzie, Amale was desperate for a win against Myla Grace.

Seeking to immediately vault her way back into championship contention, The French Hope exploded out of the starting blocks, immediately taking down her foe, talking trash and smacking her in the back of the head.

Several minutes into the match, Blair Davenport helped herself to a better look at the top of the entranceway, and Grace nearly scored an upset with a headscissors takedown and a 619 variation followed by a DDT.

After kicking out in the nick of time, Amale blasted Grace with a kick to the jaw and planted her with the Hopebreaker for the win, briefly locking eyes with Davenport before Davenport exited.

Charlie Dempsey def. Danny Jones

Following an impressive win in his debut match against Josh Morrell, Charlie Dempsey put on a clinic against Danny Jones and improved to 2-0 in his young career.

The throwback grappler spent most of the match folding his foe like an accordion and displaying his wide range of submission holds.

Jones briefly fired back and left Dempsey reeling after a hip toss and a forearm strike, but Dempsey used consecutive double underhook suplexes and transitioned into an excruciating submission hold, leaving his opponent with no choice but to tap.

Noam Dar def. Tyler Bate to win the NXT UK Heritage Cup after Trent Seven threw in the towel

The members of the WWE Universe have seen some of their favorite Superstars lose championships in heartbreaking fashion over the years, but the manner in which Tyler Bate lost his NXT UK Heritage Cup to Noam Dar perhaps rivals any other demoralizing title change.

With the bout knotted at one fall apiece in Round 6, NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly took it upon themselves to stroll to the ring with 48 seconds remaining.

As Dar ensnared Bate in his Champagne Superkneebar, Sam Stoker antagonized Trent Seven while Lewis Howley waived a towel at him, and The Artful Dodger wrestled the towel away from Howley before accidently throwing it into the squared circle.

Upon seeing the towel, the official immediately signaled for the bell, giving the decisive pinfall and the NXT UK Heritage Cup to Dar!

Dar, who defeated Mark Andrews, Kenny Williams and Wolfgang in a grueling eight-Superstar tournament to earn the right to challenge Bate, came out flying in Round 3, sending Bate crashing to the ringside floor with a dropkick, flinging him into the steel steps and tattooing him with the Nova Roller for the pinfall.

Staggered but not out of the fight, Bate withstood an early barrage early in Round 4 and used an amazing counter to drop Dar with Tyler Driver ’97 to pick up a three-count of his own.

A tense but scoreless Round 5 set the stage for Dar’s controversial win in Round 6, and NXT UK concluded with an ecstatic Scottish Supernova and Sha Samuels hoisting the trophy above their heads.