Superstar Stats

Kit Wilson

Signature Move

Spilt Milk (w/Elton Prince)

Career Highlights

NXT Tag Team Champion; NXT UK Tag Team Champion

Kit Wilson: Bio

Kit Wilson

Are Pretty Deadly the fastest-rising tag team in NXT 2.0? YES, BOY!

While Kit Wilson and his partner Elton Prince may seem like they’re more concerned with their looks and fashion choices, Pretty Deadly have proven themselves to be a cunning tag team, willing to do whatever it takes to pick up a victory.  

Don’t let their good looks fool you; Pretty Deadly hit hard and aren't averse to using questionable tactics. And though it took some time for the eccentric tandem to hit their stride, they quickly rose through the ranks to become NXT UK Tag Team Champions.

In April of 2022, Pretty Deadly made their NXT 2.0 debut and found immediate success, winning the NXT Tag Team Champions a mere on week after arriving.

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