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Thursday, May 19 | 3/2 PMC

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Thursday, May 19 | 3/2 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: May 19, 2022

Xia Brookside & Eliza Alexander def. Amale & Angel Hayze

Amale looked to deliver some hope to Angel Hayze in her fight against Xia Brookside & Eliza Alexander, joining forces with the rising Superstar to deliver some retribution to the pair of arrogant friends. “The French Hope” tossed Brookside around while yelling that she wanted a piece of Alexander.

Hayze tagged in to continue the beat down of Brookside before dropping Alexander with a heel kick and a pinpoint dropkick until Alexander reversed a Superkick attempt to level the up-and-comer with a clothesline. Brookside & Alexander battered Hayze until the youngster created some space with a Superkick to tag in Amale who decimated both of her opponents with a fast and furious flurry of offense before launching Hayze onto Brookside for an assisted top-rope splash.

After Brookside hung Hayze up in the ropes, Alexander snuck in to deliver a massive knee behind the referee’s back to soften Hayze up for a Broken Wings and the pinfall.

Die Familie def. Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz

“The Eye” has its sights set on the NXT UK Tag Team Titles, but first Die Familie had to get past the bruising duo of Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz. Rohan Raja went straight at Mastiff, attempting to take the massive Superstar off his feet with a top rope crossbody, but Mastiff saw it coming and stepped out of the way.

Starz & Mastiff utilized their tag team chemistry to stay on top of Die Familie, but Teoman quickly changed the momentum with a vicious haymaker. Teoman stared down the “Bomber” as he picked apart Starz, but Starz flipped the script leading to Teoman accidentally trapping Raja in the ring curtain before Starz leveled both men with a baseball slide.

With Teoman down on the outside, Mastiff & Starz pummeled Raja until Charlie Dempsey jumped up to pull the attention of Mastiff who managed to avoid the attempted dropkick by Teoman on the apron, but could not avoid Raja’s chop block from behind. Focusing their efforts on Mastiff’s legs, Teoman & Raja chopped down the big man, pulling Starz off the apron to prevent him from making a tag.

Mastiff battled his way through the tandem offense to tag in a fired up Starz, but after clearing house, Starz turned his attention to the boisterous Dempsey at ringside, flattening the third member of Die Familie with an over the rope splash to the outside floor. Raja and Teoman took advantage of the distraction by tossing Starz into the ringpost before rolling him back into the ring for a modified DDT to record the victory.

Kenny Williams def. Josh Morrell

The paranoid Kenny Williams kept his head on a swivel as he locked up with Josh Morell, keeping an eye out for his mystery attacker while wearing down his opponent. Williams’ distracted nature opened the door for Morell take control with an enziguri and a rolling Phoenix Splash. 

Morell’s momentum was short lived, though, as Williams hung him up across the ropes before hammering Morrell with a flurry of right hands. “The Cockroach” tried to focus on picking apart his opponent, but he continued to be distracted after seeing multiple masked figures watching from around the arena.

Morrell looked to take the absent-minded Superstar by surprise, but Williams was able to quell his momentum each time, upending Morell with a shoulder block to the knee before planting him with the Bad Luck to score the 1-2-3.

Wild Boar def. Eddie Dennis in a Dog Collar Match

Wild Boar was chomping at the bit to get ahold of Eddie Dennis, chasing his former master into the ring and pummeling Dennis before the match even began. Once Wild Boar strapped the dog collar around Dennis, the pair struggled in a game of tug of war until Dennis pulled Wild Boar into the ropes.

The two heated rivals took turns using the chain to repeatedly launch the other into the ringside barricade before Dennis pulled Wild Boar into the ringpost and whipped the former Symbiosis member across the back. Dennis utilized the steel chain to lock up Wild Boar in the corner, hammering away at his former minion until Wild Boar broke free by pulling Dennis into the ring post.

Incensed, Wild Boar whacked Dennis across the back with the steel chain over and over again until Primate and T-Bone ran out to help their leader. Wild Boar speared T-Bone off the apron and continued to keep the pressure on Dennis, rolling him up for a near fall as Primate broke the pin with a flying headbutt.

As Dennis & Primate looked to join forces, Wild Boar fought off the duo and locked in a crossface submission, wrapping the steel chain around Dennis’ face, to force a tap out.