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Thursday, Apr 21 | 3/2 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: April 21, 2022

Sam Gradwell def. Kenny Williams in a Back Alley Brawl

After receiving several threatening letters, experiencing some misfortune involving his car, and coming to the realization that he has made a staggering number of enemies in NXT UK, Kenny Williams has been on an edge, and a Back Alley Brawl with Sam Gradwell certainly wasn’t an ideal environment for The Scum of the Earth to calm his nerves.

The Thunderstorm, who had his mohawk cut off by Williams, met Williams in the entranceway and began brutalizing his nemesis before the bell. Williams was further shaken by the presence of a masked individual, who kept a close eye on the match from the crowd.

After brawling all over the arena, Gradwell received a seemingly unsolicited assist from the masked person when Williams was once again distracted when he ascended to the top rope.

Seconds later, a staggered Gradwell recovered, sent Williams soaring through the air and crashing through a table at ringside, and threw him back into the squared circle for the three-count. Following the match, the masked individual chased a terrified Williams to the backstage area.

Emilia McKenzie def. Stevie Turner

Stevie Turner has yet to meet a fellow Superstar that she didn’t want to antagonize.

Case in point, “The Futuristic Superstar” recently took some potshots at Emilia McKenzie, who hit the ring like a ball of fire and leveled her foe with a dropkick and a unique neckbreaker.

Cleary not forgetting that Turner insinuated that she was nothing more than a lap dog for NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura, McKenzie shook off a vicious boot from Turner and a picture-perfect suplex to land a German suplex and a Spear for the win.

NXT UK Team Champions Moustache Mountain def. Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match, 2-1

A title rematch several months in the making proved to be well worth the wait, as NXT UK Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain retained their title against Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith in an instant classic.

After overwhelming the champions with a series of lighting quick kicks, Carter and Smith teamed up for an incredible tandem attack, as Carter lifted Smith into the air to tee up his partner for an innovative moonsault onto Trent Seven that earned the bout’s first pinfall.

Seven and Tyler Bate struck back when The Don held Smith in position for The Big Strong Boi to clobber him with a clothesline for the pinfall that knotted the score at 1-1.

When Seven failed to put away Smith with a Seven Stars Lariat, and following Carter interrupting the pinfall after Moustache Mountain landed a Burning Hammer on Smith, a seemingly desperate Seven rolled up Carter and put his feet on the ropes to secure the decisive pinfall. Bate, who saw Seven break the rules, seemed disappointed but still hugged his partner following the championship retention.