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Thursday, Apr 28 | 3/2 PMC

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Thursday, Apr 28 | 3/2 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: April 28, 2022

Wild Boar & Mark Andrews def. Symbiosis

The hostility between the two teams was apparent from the onset as Wild Boar & Mark Andrews jumped Symbiosis before the bell rang while Eddie Dennis tried to escape Wild Boar’s wrath.

Andrews & Wild Boar worked together to pick apart Primate, but T-Bone caught the Subculture Superstar and turned the tables with a fall away slam. Symbiosis isolated Andrews, tossing him about the ring until Andrews escaped to tag in his partner who cleared house with a flurry of massive clotheslines.

As Wild Boar rolled, Dennis hopped up on the apron for a momentary distraction that opened the door for a devastating spear by Primate. Symbiosis looked to put the match away, setting up in the corner, but Wild Boar was well acquainted with his former partners’ moves, rolling out of the way to deliver a spear and splash in the corner before Andrews flattened T-Bone with a Fall To Pieces for the pinfall.

After the match, Wild Boar did not wait around long to celebrate before throwing himself through the ropes and onto Dennis, raining down right hands and chasing Dennis around the BT Sports Studio with steel chain in hand.

Xia Brookside def. Angel Hayze

Joined by Eliza Alexander at ringside, Xia Brookside looked to emulate her friend’s debut and batter rising Superstar Angel Hayze. After a very technical opening few minutes, Hayze earned the upper hand after taking Brookside off her feet with a dropkick for a two-count, but Brookside quickly stomped out Hayze’s momentum.

Brookside wore down Hayze with a modified Camel Clutch before Hayze powered her way out of the submission attempt for a splash in the corner and a slingblade that nearly won her the match. Hayze went for a rollup following a countered Superkick, but leapt off the cover to deliver a forearm to Alexander who berated Hayze from the ring apron.

With Hayze distracted, Brookside snuck in to roll her up for the quick 1-2-3. Afterward, Alexander and Brookside continued the beatdown of Hayze until Amale raced out to send the pair scampering out of the ring.

Von Wagner def. Saxon Huxley

NXT 2.0 Superstar Von Wagner set the tone for his trip to NXT UK in a massive one-on-one showdown with Saxon Huxley. The two behemoths battered one another until a flying knee upended Huxley.

Wagner asserted his dominance following a double underhook suplex, clubbing his towering opponent and nearly putting Huxley asleep until he rallied with a big boot and a flying clothesline off the top rope for a nearfall.

Huxley looked to keep the pressure on, but the power of Wagner was no match for him as the Minnesota native caught Huxley in the midst of a flying crossbody and hoisted him up for a swinging slam and the pinfall.

Wagner then took to the mic to say Huxley was just the first man to fall to him because it’s Wagner’s world and everyone in NXT UK is just living in it.

Stakes were raised in Ilja Dragunov and Jordan Devlin’s NXT UK Title Match

Moderated by NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint and his assistant, Sid Scala, NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov and his future opponent, Jordan Devlin, put pen to paper for their upcoming title rematch on the 200th episode of NXT UK.

Tempers between the two heated rivals quickly rose as the they traded insults, claiming NXT UK would be better off without the person sitting across from them. So Dragunov suggested they up the stakes and the loser of their rematch would have to leave NXT UK, a challenge Devlin and Saint both agreed to.

After signing the contract and making the new stipulation official, Dragunov dodged an attempted headbutt by Devlin to deliver one of his own. The two Superstars did not want to wait two more weeks and began trading blows until Dragunov set the contract table up in the corner of the ring, looking to smash Devlin through it. As Dragunov charged toward Devlin, The Irish Ace pulled Scala in front of him to halt the NXT UK Champion in his tracks, dropping him with a headbutt before launching Dragunov through the table with a Devlinside.