Superstar Stats

Mark Andrews




159 lbs.



Cardiff, Wales

Signature Move

Shooting Star Press

Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews: Bio

Mark Andrews

When Mark Andrews hits the ring, one thing is clear: It’s time to fly.

Inspired by the likes of Rey Mysterio and Shawn Michaels, Andrews is a high-flyer of the finest caliber. With a picture-perfect Shooting Star Press and Standing Moonsault among the many dazzling aerial attacks in his arsenal, Andrews possesses a unique skillset that makes him stand out from others in the NXT UK scene.

Andrews is a bit of a renaissance man, too, counting videography, video editing, graphic design and clothing design among his many skills. Plus, he’s the bassist and vocalist in the Welsh pop-punk outfit Junior. More than anything, he’s a top-tier competitor.

After competing in the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament in 2017, as well as making appearances on WWE 205 Live, Andrews has now come to the world of NXT UK looking to rise to new heights.

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