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Thursday, Apr 14 | 4/3 PMC

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Thursday, Apr 14 | 4/3 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: April 14, 2022

Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz def. The Coffey Brothers

After each came up just short in their respective bids to dethrone NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar, Joe and Mark Coffey looked to get back to the basics by pairing up for a tag team clash with the resurgent tandem of Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz.

Despite another impressive showing from Mastiff and Starz, The Coffey Brothers proved to be their own worst enemies when Joe made a blind tag to Mark, which nullified Mark’s pinning combination on Mastiff. Seconds later, Mastiff took down Joe and tagged in Starz, who defeated Joe with a thunderous powerbomb.

After the bell, The Coffey Brothers expressed their frustrations and each shoved one another, and Wolfgang hit the scene to step between the brothers, who continued arguing as the trio made its way to the backstage area.

NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura granted Isla Dawn a title rematch before Dawn attacked the champion with black mist

Three weeks ago, Isla Dawn kept her promise to take Meiko Satomura’s NXT UK Women’s Title, exiting the arena with the championship gold after losing her title fight when The Final Boss defeated her with a rollup.

And when Satomura demanded that The White Witch come to the ring, Dawn obliged by stalking to the squared circle while claiming that she has already become quite attached to the championship. She offered to give it back under one condition: Dawn gets her rematch under her “own chaotic rules.”

After Satomura granted the rematch, Dawn returned the championship before spraying black mist into the titleholder’s face and declaring that the match will take place “in my domain in a world of darkness.”

Eliza Alexander def. Angel Hayze

Two weeks after providing a key assist and teeing up Xia Brookside for a controversial win against Amale, Eliza Alexander was jeered by the NXT UK Universe as she and Brookside made their entrance, but she nevertheless turned in an eye-opening performance against Angel Hayze.

Hayze staggered the newcomer with a couple of pinpoint kicks in the early goings, but Alexander got rolling when she chucked Hayze face-first into the top turnbuckle and followed up with a clothesline from the blindside. 

Hayze once again got back into the fight with a series of forearm strikes, only to be foiled when Alexander blasted her with a decisive running knee to the face.

Teoman def. A-Kid

If there’s one takeaway from Thursday’s thrilling main event clash between A-Kid and Teoman, it might be that The Spanish Sensation needs some backup for his ongoing battle with Die Familie.

Forced to deal with constant meddling from Rohan Raja and Charlie Dempsey at ringside, the former NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion was fighting an uphill battle from the opening bell.

Against all odds, A-Kid seemed to be closing in on victory when he took out Raja and Dempsey at ringside with a death-defying moonsault from the top rope.

Unfortunately for A-Kid, Teoman seized his opportunity to drop him back-first onto the ring apron and tattooed him with a unique and devastating reverse DDT for the three-count.