Ridge Holland: Bio

Ridge Holland

What do you do if you’re deemed too dangerous and too reckless for the rough-and-tumble world of professional rugby? If you’re Ridge Holland, you move from the pitch to the ring and start busting skulls there instead.

That, in short, is how Holland wound up an NXT Superstar, although his fistic foray began well before he entered U.K.’s pro rugby ranks. Holland first developed a taste for fighting as a youngster in Yorkshire, and his appetite for destruction has only increased.

Unfortunately for his opponents, Holland has the physical tools to back up his mean streak. Built as strong as Sheffield steel and outfitted with hands the size of bowling balls, the barrel-chested Brit seems to apply much of what he learned on the rugby field to his new arena of the squared circle. He delights in walloping foes with headbutts, cranium strikes so powerful they’d give the bombproof vault walls inside the Bank of England a run for their money.

There’s nothing pretty about the way Holland conducts himself in the ring; he’s a straightforward mauler through and through. Adding to this menacing vision, Holland often carries a baton to the ring, a not-so-subtle hint of what other Superstars could expect to deal with if matters ever get out of hand. Let’s hope that day never comes.

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