Riddick Moss: Bio

Riddick Moss

Riddick Moss is a better athlete than you are, and he’s all too happy to let you know it.

A stud competitor his entire life, Moss instilled fear into opposing squads on the gridiron as a linebacker for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers. Choosing to employ his genetic gifts in a new arena, he traded his football cleats for wrestling boots after being recruited into the WWE Performance Center.

Whether in the ring or in the gym, Riddy Mo craves a platform on which to show the NXT Universe what a truly elite athlete looks like. Moss’ power and explosiveness make him a dangerous Superstar inside the squared circle, and they’ve also earned him multiple wins in the annual WWE Performance Center Combine, which pits NXT Superstars against each other in a variety of athletic events.

With muscles that are rivaled in size only by his ego, Moss is confident that he will make his imprint on sports-entertainment. If he happens to boast about it all the while, so be it.

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