Riddick Moss: Bio

Riddick Moss

Riddick Moss is a better athlete than you are, and he’s all too happy to let you know it.

A stud competitor his entire life, Moss instilled fear into opposing squads on the gridiron as a linebacker for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers. Choosing to employ his genetic gifts in a new arena, he traded his football cleats for wrestling boots after being recruited into the WWE Performance Center.

Whether in the ring or in the gym, Riddy Mo craves a platform on which to show the WWE Universe what a truly elite athlete looks like. Moss’ power and explosiveness make him a dangerous Superstar inside the squared circle, and they’ve also earned him multiple wins in the annual WWE Performance Center Combine.

Moss made his Monday Night Raw debut as Mojo Rawley’s personal “offensive lineman,” but he soon rolled up his friend to capture the 24/7 Championship! Moss may be ready to make a big-time imprint on sports-entertainment with muscles that are rivaled in size only by his ego.

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