Barclays Center Brooklyn NY

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Saturday, Aug 20 | 8/7 PMC

Barclays Center
Brooklyn, NY

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WWE NXT Results : Full Details


Austin Aries def. No Way Jose

WWE Network: No Way Jose vs. Austin Aries: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II

Austin Aries brings the fight to No Way Joes in the night's opening bout: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — It was a party in Brooklyn from the moment NXT TakeOver went on the air, as No Way Jose led a conga line around the sold-out Barclays Center before the biggest fight of his career. But the fiesta turned into a fight as soon as the bell rang for his battle with Austin Aries.

“The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” taunted Jose at the outset of the match, taking the fun-loving Superstar down to the canvas and slapping him around. Jose gave Aries a taste of his medicine with a slap of his own, before stunning A-Double with a big right hand. Though the NXT Universe was firmly behind Jose, chanting “Si, se puede” in support of the Dominican brawler, the veteran Aries gained the upper hand.

Aries slowed the bout down to his preferred pace, but the resilient Jose fought back. A desperate Aries locked on the Last Chancery, only for the dancing Superstar to force a rope break and hit a TKO. “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” stayed on top of Jose and hit a dive to the arena floor, but soon realized he was at a strength disadvantage when Jose reversed a suplex attempt into a Falcon Arrow. When Jose went to the top rope to cut off Aries’ offense, A-Double dazed Jose with an elbow to the jaw, then hit a sunset-flip powerbomb and floated over into the Last Chancery to earn a submission victory.

Aries was not done with his rival, though, pummeling No Way Jose after the bell and locking on Last Chancery again as the referee tried to remove it. Aries’ post-match assault was cut short when Hideo Itami arrived to the Barclays Center. “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” attempted to cut Itami off, but Hideo unleashed a flurry of devastating strikes on Aries. And, much to the delight of the sold-out crowd, Itami floored Aries with Go To Sleep, the move he  invented!



Ember Moon def. Billie Kay

WWE Network: Ember Moon vs. Billie Kay: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II

Ember Moon clashes with Billie Kay: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Billie Kay was looking to shut down newcomer Ember Moon in her debut match, but Moon proved to be a difficult opponent for the egotistical Australian.

Moon showed off incredible agility early on, dizzying Kay with dazzling escapes and reversals. After a flying crossbody off the ropes by Moon, a frustrated Kay pounced on her opponent and pummeled Moon into the canvas. The fiery-eyed NXT newcomer could not be kept down for the three-count, much to the dismay of Kay.

Moon rebounded, fighting back by hammering Kay to the mat before unleashing a primal war cry. Moon clotheslined Kay in the corner, then scaled the ropes, dove off and caught Kay with a twisting stunner that brought Brooklyn to its feet and made sure her debut was a successful one.


Bobby Roode def. Andrade "Cien" Almas

WWE Network: Bobby Roode's glorious entrance: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II

Bobby Roode garners attention inside Barclays Center before his match with Andrade "Cien" Almas: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Bobby Roode made his highly anticipated in-ring debut in Brooklyn, and if his entrance was any indication, it was going to be glorious!

As choirs sang his praises to the sold-out crowd, Roode descended from the heavens to compete in his first match against Andrade “Cien” Almas. The luchador tried to use his speed and skills to keep Roode off kilter, but the former world champion was always one step ahead. Almas eventually turned the table on Roode, flipping over the ropes to avoid the cocky Superstar.

Roode showed off his power, hoisting Almas up for a stalling vertical suplex, but soon found himself on the arena floor as a twisting “Cien” crashed into him. Almas had victory in his sights as he lined Roode up for his double knee strike, but Roode recovered and turned Almas inside out with a huge clothesline. The former World Champion tried to suplex Almas off the ropes, but the luchador landed on his feet. Almas finally connected with his charging knee strike, but Roode escaped a hammerlock DDT and hit a spinebuster of his own. Roode capitalized and connected with the Glorious Bomb, a vicious pumphandle slam, to get the three-count and win his NXT debut as he basked in the spotlight.



NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival def. Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa

WWE Network: Gargano & Ciampa vs. The Revival - NXT Tag Team Title Match: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II

NXT Tag Team Champions Dash & Dawson defend their titles against Gargano & Ciampa: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

With a new ethos – #DIY: Do it Yourself – driving them, Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa charged into battle for the most important match of their career. The two Cruiserweight Classic competitors were fighting with fire from the bell, as Ciampa forced The Revival into retreat after they felt the brunt of his vicious strikes.

Gargano tagged into the fight and targeted Dash Wilder’s shoulder, but soon felt the full force of The Revival, who trapped him their corner and worked him over. However, the spry Gargano scurried out of their clutches, setting off an all-out brawl that they came out on top of after Gargano took flight and Ciampa launched himself knee first to the arena floor.

Back in the squared circle, The Revival showed why they believe they are “top guys,” taking charge of the match with quick tags and double team maneuvers on Ciampa. The Sicilian Psychopath would not stay down, though Scott Dawson yanked Johnny Gargano out of reach of a tag at the last second. The NXT Tag Team Champions used every trick in the book to keep a worn-down Ciampa in the bout, including Wilder feigning injury to distract the referee when Ciampa finally tagged Gargano.

But Ciampa’s adrenaline was at an absolute high as he shook off blows from Dash & Dawson and finally reached his partner. Gargano sprang into action, clocking Dawson with a rolling kick and neckbreaker as the sold-out Barclays Center exploded in chants of “Johnny Wrestling!”  A spear through the ropes nearly captured the titles for the DIY duo, but the wily champions stayed in the bout. Ciampa tagged in and locked on his patented armbar, nearly forcing Dawson to tap out, only for Wilder to break the hold.

Ciampa survived the Shatter Machine and nearly pinned Wilder after their superkick/knee strike combination, but Dawson slipped his partner’s foot on the rope, ensuring the match would go on. Dawson shoved Ciampa face-first into the ring post and then the NXT Tag Team Champions swarmed on Gargano in the ring, using the hold that put Big Cass on the shelf last year to weaken Gargano’s knee. Dawson pressed on, ensaring Johnny Wrestling’s injured knee in a reverse figure four that gave Gargano no choice but to tap out and retain the titles for The Revival.

After coming up short in a valiant effort, a heartbroken Gargano & Ciampa got back to their feet in the ring, taking in the applause of the sold-out Brooklyn crowd before heading to the locker room, Gargano apologizing to his partner.


NXT Women's Champion Asuka def. Bayley

WWE Network: Bayley's entrance: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II

Bayley is ready to take on Asuka: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Returning to the site of her career’s defining moment, Bayley hoped and believed lightning would strike twice for her in an NXT Women’s Championship Match.

While her opponent last year, current WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, was no pushover, her opponent on this night, Asuka, was an entirely different type of force. The undefeated Empress of Tomorrow stunned a sold-out arena in Dallas into silence during WrestleMania 32 week, steamrolling Bayley en route to capturing the title. Asuka was supremely confident as she approached the ring and stared down her challenger with a sinister smile across her face.

With Becky Lynch and Banks watching at ringside, the two women spent the early moments of the contest sizing each other up, neither woman able to gain the upper hand. The champion finally gained an advantage when Bayley dove off the ropes, only for Asuka to nearly crush her nose in with a knee to the face. The NXT Women’s Champion grinned from ear to ear after that as she unleashed strike after strike on her dazed challenger. Bayley psyched herself up as Asuka slammed her head into the turnbuckle, finally getting the energy she needed to turn the tables. Bayley showed how much she’s been studying the champion, evading Asuka’s flying hip attack and catching her in the ropes.

Bayley continued to gain momentum as she fought off attack after attack from the insanely aggressive champion. However, Asuka is a force unlike any other and cut off her challenger at every point, eventually trapping Bayley in an ankle lock and wrenching away. The Empress of Tomorrow teed off on Bayley with kicks, only for the challenger to stand up and demand that Asuka hit her in the face. Asuka was happy to oblige, but nearly got caught in a pinning attempt by Bayley.

Bayley survived the Asuka Lock and connected with the Bayley-to-Belly that had Brooklyn thinking a new champion would be crowned. Bayley survived another Asuka Lock and tried to weather the storm, standing up and slapping the champion. Unfortnately, Asuka responded with a kick to the head that echoed through the Barclays Center and put Bayley down for the three-count.

Asuka showed tremendous sportsmanship in hugging her defeated challenger and ceding the ring to her. The sold-out Brooklyn crowd was on its feet in appreciation for the valiant Bayley, who left the ring with her head held high.



Shinsuke Nakamura def. NXT Champion Samoa Joe

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II

With acclaimed violinist Lee England Jr. playing him to the ring, Shinsuke Nakamura was in an element all his own as he prepared for his NXT Championship showdown with Samoa Joe. But for all of Nakamura’s pre-match theatrics, the submission specialist was minimalist in his entrance, stomping into the Barclays Center with supreme confidence.

Though this was the first time these two competitors have ever squared off, they wasted no time going after each other. They went to the mat early on, Joe gaining the upper hand with his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills. Both champion and challenger were cautious, yet aggressive in charging into battle. The bout spilled to the outside, where Nakamura drove his knee into the NXT Champion at full force. However, it had little effect on Joe, who got back in the ring and launched his nearly 300-pound frame through the ropes and to the arena floor, crushing Nakamura into the ringside barricade.

Joe stayed on the attack, keeping Nakamura on the mat, wrenching at his neck and arm, trying to prevent The King of Strong Style from striking. The submission specialist lived up to his name in Brooklyn, working over all of the challenger’s limbs with hold after hold. Nakamura found a burst of energy and stopped the champion in his tracks with a spinning kick to the head, earning himself a brief respite.

Nakamura tried to go for a sequence of moves that usually spells the end for his opponents, a knee in the corner followed by an inverted exploder, but could not  get the NXT Champion up. Joe saw an opening and attempted to go for the Muscle Buster, but instead ran into a kick from The King of Strong Style. Nakamura survived a slugfest with Samoa Joe, locking on a Cross Armbreaker that transitioned into a triangle hold, only for the champion to stand right up and trap him in a Texas Cloverleaf.

The challenger survived a brutal knee to the face and the Coquina Clutch, continuing his quest for the NXT Championship. Nakamura, in an impressive feat of strength, tossed the near 300-pound champion across the ring with a German Suplex, but it did not put Joe down. Joe threw everything he had at the challenger, including a devastating Muscle Buster, but Nakamura kicked out at the last moment. The NXT Champion threw his hands up in disbelief, wondering what he would have to do to put The King of Strong Style away.

But there was no stopping Shinsuke Nakamura on this night. The King of Strong Style got back to his feet and clobbered Joe with the Kinshasa. The submission specialist kicked out, but Nakamura answered with a thunderous second Kinshasa that got the three-count and blew the roof off of the sold-out Barclays Center. After a grueling war with Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura now has earned the right to call himself by two names: The King of Strong Style and NXT Champion!