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Johnny Gargano

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NXT Champion; NXT North American Champion; NXT Tag Team Champion

Johnny Gargano

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Johnny Gargano

Anything can happen in WWE — except Johnny Gargano giving up on his dreams. The Superstar known as Johnny Wrestling simply never quits. When he was told he was too small to make it in WWE, Gargano proved otherwise, going from free agent to full-time NXT Superstar and, eventually, NXT Champion.

He first made his mark in NXT in a tag team with Tommaso Ciampa. The duo known as #DIY lifted NXT’s tandem division to new heights, producing memorable rivalries against the likes of The Revival and AOP, as well as a memorable NXT Tag Team Title reign. After the team’s implosion in 2017, a fate brought on by Ciampa’s ruthless betrayal of Gargano, the two Superstars experienced more ups and downs than a rollercoaster ride. Yet, whether they call each other friend or foe, it’s clear Gargano and Ciampa’s journeys in WWE will be forever linked.

Gargano has endured crushing losses on the biggest stages, undergone crises of conscience and weathered personal hardships, only to bounce back stronger every time. He’s also competed at more TakeOvers than any other Superstar, etched many of NXT’s all-time great matches and, above all else, remained unwaveringly loyal to those who support him.

Johnny Gargano bleeds black and gold, and he leads by example, and for those reasons, the NXT Universe is happy to call him their hero.

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