Hideo Itami: Bio

Hideo Itami

One of the most decorated — and hardest-hitting — Superstars in the rich history of Japanese sports-entertainment has turned into one of WWE’s most dangerous threats as part of its Cruiserweight division.

The signing of Hideo Itami in 2014 made headlines around the globe and drew more attention than ever to the yellow-and-black brand. A disciple of the legendary Kenta Kobashi, Itami exemplifies fighting spirit, taking whatever an opponent can dish out and returning fire in kind. Ferocious and unintimidated, Itami takes down Superstars twice his size with his famously soporific knee strike, the Go-To-Sleep.

Though ill-timed injuries have derailed the international sensation just when it seemed like he was picking up steam, Itami nonetheless remains dead-set on proving to the WWE Universe that he is among the world's elite Superstars, and he's overcome his setbacks and taken his ruthless fighting style to WWE 205 Live, where he's notched impressive victories over the likes of Mustafa Ali and Akira Tozowa while vehemently demanding respect from the WWE Universe.

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