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Thursday, Nov 6 | 9/8 PMC

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WWE NXT results - Nov. 6, 2014: Finn Bálor debuts to help Hideo Itami demolish The Ascension

WWE Network: Finn Balor debuts in NXT to help Hideo Itami battle The Ascension: WWE NXT, Nov. 6, 2014

Finn Bálor looks to impress in his debut on WWE NXT: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

ORLANDO, Fla. — Shockwaves reverberated throughout the NXT Universe after a truly earth-shattering edition of WWE NXT. The show kicked off with the latest stop on Sami Zayn’s road to redemption, as the fiery French-Canadian took on Tyler Breeze, and reached an unexpected crescendo with the arrival of Finn Bálor! The world-travelled grappler made his highly anticipated debut by backing up Hideo Itami in a fight against The Ascension.

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WWE NXT: November 6, 2014
Sami Zayn def. Tyler Breeze
With the words of NXT Champion Adrian Neville — “We all know you can’t win the big one.” — stuck in his head, Sami Zayn continued on his road to redemption, taking on Tyler Breeze. Prince Pretty nearly ended the match with a few quick roll-ups early on, reminding Zayn how close he was to another crushing loss.

Though Breeze controlled the bout early on, Zayn dug down deep and found the will to fight back. Zayn fired up and survived everything Breeze threw at him, eventually clocking Prince Pretty with the Helluva Kick to earn the victory! After the bout, Zayn felt he was finally ready to face Neville for the NXT Title and issued a challenge for next week. Neville accepted and NXT GM William Regal confirmed the bout for next Thursday, setting the stage for Zayn’s biggest match to date.

Tyson Kidd def. Dash Wilder
Seeking to bounce back from his loss to Sami Zayn several weeks ago, Tyson Kidd stepped into the ring with Dash Wilder this week. The gritty North Carolinian forced Kidd to retreat early on, but the savvy Hart Dungeon graduate found his way back onto offense and wore Wilder down, picking up the win via submission with the Sharpshooter.

WWE NXT: November 6, 2014
Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch def. Charlotte & Bayley
After Becky Lynch’s betrayal, Bayley was out for retribution against the Irish Diva and her new pal, Sasha Banks. The happy-go-lucky Diva found an ally in an unlikely source, former rival and current NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte.

While Bayley was fired up to get her hands on Becky, that rage may have cost her and Charlotte in the end. The new duo of Sasha & Becky worked together extremely well to prevent Charlotte from tagging in Bayley, allowing Sasha to roll up a distracted Bayley for the victory!

Finn Bálor debuted in NXT to aid Hideo Itami in a fight with The Ascension
Konnor & Viktor seemed confident as they called out Hideo Itami for the face-to-face meeting the Japanese sensation demanded, vowing to rid NXT of Itami once and for all.

Itami was all smiles as he walked out to the ramp by himself before gesturing for his backup: Finn Bálor! The NXT Universe erupted in cheers as the debuting Irish Superstar stood side-by-side with Itami and charged into battle with The Ascension. Bálor and Itami pummeled the monsters into the canvas, with Bálor unleashing a pair of vicious diving double stomps on Konnor. Itami promised that the odds would be evened, and Bálor helped him prove that, as the two friends stood tall over the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in NXT history!

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