Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland

Signature Move

Coup de Grâce; 1916

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Finn Bálor

Career Highlights

The first-ever Universal Champion; NXT Champion; 2015 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Winner; 2015 NXT Male Competitor of the Year; 2015 NXT Overall Competitor of the Year

Finn Bálor

Finn Bálor: Bio

Finn Bálor

Meet Finn Bálor: Athletic, charismatic, occasionally demonic, and a bona fide worldwide sensation.

The WWE Universe may know Bálor for being the first-ever Universal Champion, but the mysterious Irishman’s legend spanned across countries and continents long before he ever stepped onto the WWE stage. After competing in his first match at 18 and achieving success in his homeland, Bálor relocated to Japan to hone his skills in the notorious dojo system of the Far East. Unsurprisingly, he thrived, winning multiple championships and marshalling several foot soldiers to support him (some even called him a prince). He soon relocated to America to ply his trade in NXT, where he achieved a record-setting run with the NXT Championship, among other accolades.

The combination of his quiet, accurate precision and his periodic transformation into the terrifying "Demon" made Bálor one of the hottest WWE commodities in more than a decade, so it came as little surprise when he was the first NXT graduate to be taken in the 2016 WWE Brand Extension Draft, going fifth overall to Raw. Soon after that, at SummerSlam 2016, Bálor reached his greatest achievement to date when he pinned Seth Rollins to become the first-ever Universal Champion. Since then, Finn briefly reunited with some of his brethren from his days in Japan, teaming with Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows to form The Bálor Club.

Bálor is an extraordinary man who can do extraordinary things … and his track record proves that doubting him on accomplishing the extraordinary would just be foolish.

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