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Thursday, Nov 25 | 3/2 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: Nov. 25, 2021

Jordan Devlin def. Mark Andrews

Though he enjoyed a brief but impressive run as NXT UK Tag Team Champion alongside Flash Morgan Webster, Mark Andrews is arguably still seeking a signature singles victory.

Defeating former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin would certainly qualify, and Andrews nearly accomplished the feat when he flattened The Irish Ace with a breathtaking moonsault to the ringside area.

Devlin outmaneuvered his foe, however, by yanking him into the ringside barricade. And when Andrews dove back into the ring right before the 10-count, he was greeted by a vicious headbutt and a match-clinching Devlin Side.

Isla Dawn def. Aleah James

Whether you believe that the mysterious Isla Dawn is gaining power from the “trophies” she collects from her peers is entirely up to you. What’s not up for debate is how deadly she looked against the upstart Aleah James, who entered competition having defeated Xia Brookside and Nina Samuels in her last two matches.

And after viciously attacking James in the backstage area and stealing her hair ribbon last week, The White Witch continued the brutality, landing an early ruthless kick to the face for a two-count. Moments later, Dawn sealed the win when she dodged a hard-charging James and planted her back-first into the canvas.

Following her victory, Dawn retrieved her box of trinkets, flashed an unsettling smile and gave the hair ribbon back to James while exiting.

Jinny def. Angel Hayze

Jinny narrowly came up short in her bid to dethrone NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura last month, and if her first appearance on NXT UK since the title bout is any indication, she’s making some significant changes in her life.

Entering to Subculture’s music and heavily insinuating that she took Dani Luna out of action, Jinny decreed that she has ended her business relationship with Joseph Conners and that she plans to get her winning streak back on track, calling Angel Hayze a “little girl.”

Hayze, who defeated Isla Dawn in her NXT UK debut, was dealt her first loss when The Fashionista overwhelmed her with a barrage of right hands before spiking her face-first into the canvas with the Makeover.

NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar def. Sam Gradwell, 2-1

In a clash of arguably the two most talkative Superstars in NXT UK, Noam Dar and Sam Gradwell left the WWE Universe on their edge of their seats in an epic struggle for the NXT UK Heritage Cup.

Gradwell used his metal knee brace to his advantage, smashing Dar’s face into it and crushing him back-first into the canvas to score a three-count with just 18 seconds remaining in Round 1.

Dar, who placed an “X” over each nameplate of former NXT UK Heritage Cup Champions in the backstage area prior to the match, knotted the contest at 1-1 when he drilled Gradwell with a reverse elbow and followed up with a Nova Roller in Round 2.

The Thunderstorm showed off tremendous resiliency when Dar ensnared him in the Champagne Super Kneebar with 40 seconds remaining in Round 3, screaming in agony but refusing to tap and eventually being saved by the bell.

Gradwell removed his knee brace before the start of Round 4, and Sha Samuels took advantage of a distracted official by slamming the challenger’s exposed knee against the ring apron. And after several menacing kicks to Gradwell’s injured knee, Dar once again applied the Champagne Super Kneebar to Gradwell, who tapped out with eight seconds remaining in the round.