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Thursday, Jul 14 | 3/2 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: July 14, 2022

Oliver Carter def. Teoman

It’s a brave new world for Oliver Carter.

Mere weeks after having to surrender his newly won NXT UK Tag Team Championship due to a severe knee injury to his partner Ashton Smith, Carter suddenly finds himself at odds with Die Familie – and without backup.

Though Teoman and his crew have been actively trying to recruit Carter to their ranks, Teoman was ruthless in his bout with Carter, mercilessly stomping him into the mat after gaining the upper hand.

A crafty Carter dodged Charlie Dempsey when he was perched on the ring apron and kicked him in the face before landing several stiff kicks on Teoman, including a roundhouse kick to the jaw that sealed the win.

After the bell, however, Die Familie issued a savage beatdown that was punctuated by Teoman spiking Carter into the canvas with a reverse DDT.

Amale def. Stevie Turner

Having recently burst back onto the NXT UK scene, Blair Davenport seems to have taken a sudden interest in Amale.

As The French Hope tangled with Stevie Turner, Davenport offered her unique perspective from the commentary desk, calling Amale a “spoiled brat” and vowing that she would be the NXT UK Women’s Champion if she didn’t hurt her ankle during her title fight with Meiko Satomura.

Turner landed a devastating blow when she connected with a running boot to the face, but Amale recovered and landed a picture-perfect bulldog. Moments later, Amale planted Turner with the Hope Breaker for the three-count.

Following the match, a seemingly disingenuous and unimpressed Davenport stood up at the commentary desk and slowly applauded before Amale locked eyes with her fellow Superstar and began berating her from the ring.

Mark Coffey def. Noam Dar to win the NXT UK Heritage Cup, 2-1

With all three Gallus members having recently gone in separate directions, Mark Coffey had the chance to capture his first singles title in a barnburner with NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar.

Sha Samuels was barred from ringside, and The Scottish Supernova may have been thrown off his game, as his overaggressive charge at the start of Round 2 saw Coffey snatch him in a Gator Lock to force a near-immediate tapout.

Dar, who hinted that he would soon retire as NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion, fired back with a series of menacing elbow strikes in Round 3 and evened the bout in Round 4 with by tapping out his foe with Champagne Super Kneebar, making sure to keep Coffey in the hold for a few seconds after the bell.

In Round 6, Dar attempted to keep his distance from Coffey and run out the clock in an attempt to earn a draw and maintain his trophy.

Seemingly running on instinct and pure guts, Coffey blasted Dar with a series of strikes, nearly drove him through the mat with a uranage and clobbered him with a running forearm to earn the victory with just 12 seconds remaining!

Coffey let out a cry and celebrated with his newly won trophy, and Wolfgang and several NXT UK Superstars emerged in the entranceway to give a standing ovation to the new champion. Then, Joe Coffey made his sudden return and emotionally embraced his brother before celebrating in the ring with Mark as NXT UK concluded.