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Thursday, Jul 7 | 3/2 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: July 7, 2022

Tiger Turan def. Kenny Williams

Kenny Williams’ paranoia knows no bounds, as he proved during his clash with the mysterious Tiger Turan.

With discussion running rampant that Turan might actually be Williams’ former tag team partner Amir Jordan, who was banished from NXT UK after falling in a Loser Leaves Town Match with Williams, The Scum of the Earth spent most of the bout throwing a fit and attempting to unmask his foe.

Unfortunately for the overstimulated Williams, Turan took advantage of Williams’ obsession of proving that Turan is actually Jordan, claiming the win by rolling him up for the three-count.

Williams dropped Turan with Bad Luck after the match and yanked off two of Turan’s masks, only to discover a third mask underneath. The ambush finally concluded when NXT UK officials pulled Williams from the scene.

Josh Morrell def. Primate

Josh Morell has certainly turned some heads on NXT UK, but a signature victory has proven elusive for the upstart competitor. Until now.

Competing by his lonesome since the apparent dissolution of Symbiosis, a frenzied Primate unloaded on Morell in the early goings, immediately backing him into the corner and barking at him while hoping to take the edge by intimidating his opponent.

The undaunted Morrell fired back by launching himself over the top rope to wipe out Primate at ringside and soon claimed the victory with a shoulder to the midsection and an impressive sunset flip for the three-count.

Trent Seven def. Tate Mayfairs

Still basking in his ability to draw the disdain of the NXT UK Universe, Trent Seven made certain to taunt several fans on his way to the ring.

Seven was methodical in his attack, and after dubbing himself the “Savior” and absorbing several punches from Mayfairs, he picked up the win by turning Mayfairs inside out with the Seven Stars Lariat.

After the bout, Seven ruthlessly stomped Mayfairs and locked him in a Figure-Four Leglock before Sam Gradwell darted into the ring and chased away his newfound nemesis.

NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura and Sarray def. Xia Brookside and Eliza Alexander

Does Meiko Satomura have a new prized pupil?

Though the NXT UK Women’s Champion has recently taken Emilia McKenzie under her wing and dished out some tough love to her protégé, Satomura opted to team up with Sarray for a hard-hitting tag team bout against the deadly combo of Xia Brookside and Eliza Alexander.

Brookside and Alexander isolated The Warrior of the Sun from The Final Boss for some time, but Sarray eventually hammered Alexander with a double stomp and tagged in Satomura, who brutalized her opponent with several kicks and a wicked DDT.

Brookside briefly regained the upper hand for her team by blindsiding Satomura with a kick to the face, but the titleholder tagged in Sarray, who knocked Alexander off the apron and blasted Brookside with double boots. Seconds later, Satomura tagged back in and clobbered Brookside with Scorpio Rising for the win.