WWE Superstars take over the 2020 Academy Awards with parody movie posters

WWE takes over the 2020 Academy Awards

As the best and brightest in filmmaking receive their honors at the 92nd Academy Awards, WWE.com presents eight reimaginings of this year’s top honorees.

And the nominees are …

“A Beautiful Day in the Fun House”

A Beautiful Day in the Fun House

A reporter uncovers the true story behind a beloved icon of children’s television (Bray Wyatt), whose celebrated series has taught generations to heal, to be merciful and to let others into their hearts.



Somewhere over the rainbow, a star of Tinseltown (Big E) settles into life as the main attraction at London’s Cameo Club, where he reunites with longtime friends (Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston) to reminisce about love, past triumphs and the finer points of breakfast foods.



Beaten and broken down by a cruel world, a face-painted entertainer (Asuka) learns that when the world spits in your face, sometimes your only choice is to spit back.

“Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood, Florida.”

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, FL

In this twist on a true story, a celebrated action movie star (The Miz) and his best friend (Dolph Ziggler) find their lives forever changed in this gripping period piece that exposes the less-than-glamourous side of Hollywood, Florida’s golden age.

“Dives Out”

Dives Out

In this thrilling whodunnit, an unorthodox detective (Gentleman Jack Gallagher) investigates a grisly crime, with only one piece of evidence at hand: The culprit was 205 pounds or less.

“The Irish Man”

The Irish Man

During a routine delivery of quinoa and tea, (Becky Lynch) has a chance encounter with a wealthy businesswoman (Charlotte Flair) and becomes part of a vast criminal empire in this thrilling drama from the director of “Woo Fellas,” “The Lone Wolf of Wall Street,” “Michinoku Driver” and “Raging Bull Nakano.”

 “Wedding Story”

Wedding Story

Marriage isn’t easy, but one couple’s courtship (Bobby Lashley and Lana) is positively ravishing. While other spouses might squabble about living arrangements, careers or even drywall, this marriage is All Mighty. Honestly, what could possibly go wrong?



In this gripping war epic, a battle-weary soldier and Black-And-Gold Medal of Honor recipient (Finn Bálor) returns home and finds he must put aside his demons to combat new threats and riddles in seemingly limitless war games.

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