NXT Championship

With a lineage that already includes WWE upstarts like Big E and Seth Rollins, the NXT Championship has quickly established itself as not only a major title, but a gateway to bigger things for the breakout competitors of NXT. Want to see the future of sports-entertainment? Keep an eye on this championship.

Seth RollinsJinder MahalOrlando, Fla.08-29-12
Big E LangstonSeth RollinsOrlando, Fla.01-09-13
Bo DallasBig E LangstonOrlando, Fla.06-12-13
Adrian NevilleBo DallasOrlando, Fla.02-27-14Watch»
Sami ZaynAdrian NevilleOrlando, Fla.12-11-14Watch»
Kevin OwensSami ZaynOrlando, Fla.02-11-15Watch»