Hardcore Championship

The Hardcore Championship was one of the most unique championships to ever be defended in WWE. It was originally given to Mick Foley, then known as Mankind, by the Chairman, Mr. McMahon. The rules of how to defend the championship even evolved with time, and it was eventually defended under 24/7 rules. That meant that the Hardcore Champion could be pinned at any time of day, any day of the week as long as a referee was around to make the three-count. The Hardcore Championship found its way around the waists of a very eclectic group of Superstars ranging from the likes of Mankind, Crash Holly, Big Show, Hardcore Holly, Big Boss Man and Kane, among numerous others.

Mankindn/aHouston, TX11-02-98
Big Boss ManMankindBaltimore, MD11-30-98
Road DoggBig Boss ManSpokane, WA12-15-98
Hardcore HollyAl SnowMemphis, TN02-14-99
Billy GunnHardcore HollySan Jose, CA03-15-99
Hardcore HollyBilly GunnPhiladelphia, PA03-28-99
Al SnowHardcore HollyProvidence, RI04-25-99
Big Boss ManAl SnowBuffalo, NY07-25-99
Al SnowBig Boss ManMinneapolis, MN08-22-99
Big Boss ManAl SnowKansas City, MO08-26-99
Davey Boy SmithBig Boss ManAlbany, NY09-09-99
Al SnowAlbany, NY09-09-99
Big Boss ManAl SnowBirmingham, AL10-14-99
TestBig Boss ManNew Haven, CT01-17-00
Crash HollyTestNashville, TN02-24-00
Pete GasCrash HollyNewark, NJ03-13-00
Crash HollyPete GasNewark, NJ03-13-00
Hardcore HollyCrash HollyAnaheim, CA04-02-00
Crash HollyHardcore HollyLos Angeles, CA04-03-00
Perry SaturnCrash HollyTampa, FL04-13-00
TazzPerry SaturnTampa, FL04-13-00
Crash HollyTazzTampa, FL04-13-00
Matt HardyCrash HollyRaleigh, NC04-24-00
Crash HollyMatt HardyCharlotte, NC04-27-00
Davey Boy SmithCrash HollyLondon, England05-06-00
Crash HollyDavey Boy SmithNew Haven, CT05-11-00
Godfather's HoCrash HollyCleveland, OH05-15-00
Crash HollyGodfather's HoCleveland, OH05-15-00
Gerald BriscoCrash HollyDetroit, MI05-18-00
Crash HollyGerald BriscoSt. Louis, MO06-12-00
Gerald BriscoCrash HollyNashville, TN06-19-00
Pat PattersonGerald BriscoNashville, TN06-19-00
Crash HollyPat PattersonBoston, MA06-25-00
Steve BlackmanCrash HollyHartford, CT06-29-00
Steve BlackmanCrash HollyTampa, FL07-02-00
Crash HollySteve BlackmanTampa, FL07-02-00
Shane McMahonSteve BlackmanLafayette, LA08-21-00
Steve BlackmanShane McMahonRaleigh, NC08-27-00
Crash HollySteve BlackmanPhiladelphia, PA09-24-00
Perry SaturnCrash HollyPhiladelphia, PA09-24-00
RavenSteve BlackmanChatanooga, TN12-22-00
Al SnowRavenLafayette, LA01-22-01
RavenAl SnowLafayette, LA01-22-01
K-KwickRavenGreensboro, NC02-03-01
Crash HollyK-KwickGreensboro, NC02-03-01
RavenCrash HollyGreensboro, NC02-03-01
K-KwickRavenColumbia, SC02-04-01
Crash HollyK-KwickColumbia, SC02-04-01
RavenCrash HollyColumbia, SC02-04-01
Hardcore HollyRavenN. Charleston, SC02-08-01
RavenHardcore HollyN. Charleston, SC02-08-01
Hardcore HollyRavenSt. Paul, MN02-10-01
RavenHardcore HollySt. Paul, MN02-10-01
Hardcore HollyRavenBoston, MA02-11-01
Al SnowHardcore HollyBoston, MA02-11-01
RavenAl SnowBoston, MA02-11-01
Steve BlackmanRavenCedar Falls, IA02-17-01
RavenSteve BlackmanCedar Falls, IA02-17-01
RavenSteve BlackmanCape Girardeau, MO02-18-01
Steve BlackmanRavenCape Girardeau, MO02-18-01
Billy GunnRavenLas Vegas, NV02-25-01
RavenBilly GunnLas Vegas, NV02-25-01
Big ShowRavenLas Vegas, NV02-25-01
RavenBig ShowAlbany, NY03-19-01
KaneRavenHouston, TX04-01-01
RhynoKaneNashville, TN04-19-01
Big ShowRhynoSan Jose, CA05-21-01
Chris JerichoBig ShowCalgary, Alberta05-28-01
RhynoChris JerichoCalgary, Alberta05-28-01
TestRhynoBaltimore, MD06-16-01
RhynoTestNew York, NY06-25-01
Mike AwesomeRhynoNew York, NY06-25-01
Jeff HardyMike AwesomeBirmingham, AL07-12-01
Rob Van DamJeff HardyCleveland, OH07-22-01
Jeff HardyRob Van DamChicago, IL08-13-01
Rob Van DamJeff HardySan Jose, CA08-19-01
Kurt AngleRob Van DamSan Antonio, TX09-10-01
Rob Van DamKurt AngleSan Antonio, TX09-10-01
UndertakerRob Van DamSan Diego, CA12-09-01
MavenUndertakerLos Angeles, CA02-07-02
GoldustMavenBoston, MA02-28-02
Al SnowGoldustDetroit, MI03-11-02
MavenAl SnowCleveland, OH03-14-02
Spike DudleyMavenToronto, Ontario03-17-02
HurricaneSpike DudleyToronto, Ontario03-17-02
Mighty MollyHurricaneToronto, Ontario03-17-02
ChristianMighty MollyToronto, Ontario03-17-02
MavenChristianToronto, Ontario03-17-02
RavenMavenPhiladelphia, PA03-28-02
Bubba Ray DudleyRavenAlbany, NY04-01-02
GoldustWilliam RegalDenver, CO04-07-02
RavenGoldustDenver, CO04-07-02
Bubba Ray DudleyRavenDenver, CO04-07-02
William RegalBubba Ray DudleyDenver, CO04-07-02
William RegalBubba Ray DudleyOdessa, TX04-13-02
Spike DudleyWilliam RegalOdessa, TX04-13-02
GoldustSpike DudleyOdessa, TX04-13-02
Bubba Ray DudleyGoldustOdessa, TX04-13-02
Spike DudleyWilliam RegalAbilene, TX04-14-02
GoldustSpike DudleyAbilene, TX04-14-02
Bubba Ray DudleyGoldustAbilene, TX04-14-02
William RegalBubba Ray DudleyAbilene, TX04-14-02
RavenBubba Ray DudleyCollege Station, TX04-15-02
Tommy DreamerRavenCollege Station, TX04-15-02
Steven RichardsTommy DreamerCollege Station, TX04-15-02
Bubba Ray DudleySteven RichardsCollege Station, TX04-15-02
RavenGoldustUniondale, NY04-19-02
Bubba Ray DudleyRavenUniondale, NY04-19-02
GoldustBubba Ray DudleyUniondale, NY04-19-02
GoldustBubba Ray DudleyDes Moines, IA04-20-02
RavenGoldustDes Moines, IA04-20-02
Bubba Ray DudleyRavenDes Moines, IA04-20-02
Steven RichardsBubba Ray DudleyBuffalo, NY04-29-02
Steven RichardsGoldustCologne, Germany05-01-02
Tommy DreamerSteven RichardsCologne, Germany05-01-02
GoldustTommy DreamerCologne, Germany05-01-02
Shawn StasiakCrash HollyGlasgow, Scotland05-02-02
Justin CredibleShawn StasiakGlasgow, Scotland05-02-02
Crash HollyJustin CredibleGlasgow, Scotland05-02-02
Steven RichardsCrash HollyGlasgow, Scotland05-02-02
Shawn StasiakSteven RichardsGlasgow, Scotland05-02-02
Steven RichardsShawn StasiakGlasgow, Scotland05-02-02
Steven RichardsCrash HollyBirmingham, England05-03-02
Crash HollyJustin CredibleBirmingham, England05-03-02
Booker TSteven RichardsLondon, England05-04-02
Crash HollyBooker TLondon, England05-04-02
Booker TCrash HollyLondon, England05-04-02
Steven RichardsBooker TLondon, England05-04-02
Bubba Ray DudleySteven RichardsHartford, CT05-06-02
RavenBubba Ray DudleyHartford, CT05-06-02
Justin CredibleRavenHartford, CT05-06-02
Crash HollyJustin CredibleHartford, CT05-06-02
Trish StratusCrash HollyHartford, CT05-06-02
Steven RichardsTrish StratusHartford, CT05-06-02
Tommy DreamerSteven RichardsWinnipeg, Manitoba05-25-02
RavenTommy DreamerWinnipeg, Manitoba05-25-02
Steven RichardsRavenWinnipeg, Manitoba05-25-02
Tommy DreamerSteven RichardsRed Deer, Saskatchewan05-26-02
RavenTommy DreamerRed Deer, Saskatchewan05-26-02
Steven RichardsRavenRed Deer, Saskatchewan05-26-02
TerriSteven RichardsEdmonton, Alberta05-27-02
Steven RichardsTerriEdmonton, Alberta05-27-02
Tommy DreamerSteven RichardsNew Orleans, LA06-02-02
RavenTommy DreamerNew Orleans, LA06-02-02
Steven RichardsRavenNew Orleans, LA06-02-02
BradshawSteven RichardsDallas, TX06-03-02
RavenBradshawCincinnati, OH06-22-02
Spike DudleyRavenCincinnati, OH06-22-02
Shawn StasiakSpike DudleyCincinnati, OH06-22-02
BradshawShawn StasiakCincinnati, OH06-22-02
Shawn StasiakBradshawWashington, D.C.06-28-02
Spike DudleyShawn StasiakWashington, D.C.06-28-02
Steven RichardsSpike Dudley06-28-02
BradshawSteven RichardsWashington, D.C.06-28-02
BradshawSteven RichardsNew York, NY06-29-02
Shawn StasiakBradshawNew York, NY06-29-02
Spike DudleyShawn StasiakNew York, NY06-29-02
Steven RichardsSpike DudleyNew York, NY06-29-02
RavenBradshawUncasville, CT06-30-02
BradshawSteven RichardsUncasville, CT06-30-02
Crash HollyRavenUncasville, CT06-30-02
Steven RichardsCrash HollyUncasville, CT06-30-02
Steven RichardsBradshawFrederick, MD07-06-02
Crash HollySteven RichardsFrederick, MD07-06-02
Christopher NowinskiCrash HollyFrederick, MD07-06-02
BradshawChristopher NowinskiFrederick, MD07-06-02
Steven RichardsBradshawWildwood, NJ07-07-02
Crash HollySteven RichardsWildwood, NJ07-07-02
Christopher NowinskiCrash HollyWildwood, NJ07-07-02
BradshawChristopher NowinskiWildwood, NJ07-07-02
Justin CredibleBradshawLakeland, FL07-12-02
Spike DudleyJustin CredibleLakeland, FL07-12-02
Big ShowSpike DudleyLakeland, FL07-12-02
BradshawBig ShowLakeland, FL07-12-02
Justin CredibleBradshawDaytona Beach, FL07-13-02
Shawn StasiakJustin CredibleDaytona Beach, FL07-13-02
BradshawShawn StasiakDaytona Beach, FL07-13-02
Justin CredibleBradshawBethlehem, PA07-14-02
Shawn StasiakJustin CredibleBethlehem, PA07-14-02
BradshawShawn StasiakBethlehem, PA07-14-02
Johnny StamboliBradshawEast Rutherford, NJ07-15-02
BradshawJohnny StamboliEast Rutherford, NJ07-15-02
RavenBradshawHouston, TX07-26-02
Justin CredibleRavenHouston, TX07-26-02
Shawn StasiakJustin CredibleHouston, TX07-26-02
BradshawShawn StasiakHouston, TX07-26-02
RavenBradshawSan Antonio, TX07-27-02
Justin CredibleRavenSan Antonio, TX07-27-02
Shawn StasiakJustin CredibleSan Antonio, TX07-27-02
BradshawShawn StasiakSan Antonio, TX07-27-02
RavenBradshawColumbia, SC07-28-02
Justin CredibleRavenColumbia, SC07-28-02
Shawn StasiakJustin CredibleColumbia, SC07-28-02
BradshawShawn StasiakColumbia, SC07-28-02
Jeff HardyBradshawGreensboro, NC07-29-02
Johnny StamboliJeff HardyGreensboro, NC07-29-02
Tommy DreamerJohnny StamboliGreensboro, NC07-29-02
BradshawTommy DreamerMiami, FL08-03-02
Tommy DreamerBradshawMiami, FL08-03-02
BradshawTommy DreamerPittsburgh, PA08-04-02
Tommy DreamerBradshawPittsburgh, PA08-04-02
Shawn StasiakTommy DreamerKelowna, British Columbia08-09-02
Steven RichardsShawn StasiakKelowna, British Columbia08-09-02
Tommy DreamerSteven RichardsKelowna, British Columbia08-09-02
Shawn StasiakTommy DreamerKamloops, British Columbia08-10-02
Steven RichardsShawn StasiakKamloops, British Columbia08-10-02
Tommy DreamerSteven RichardsKamloops, British Columbia08-10-02
Shawn StasiakTommy DreamerVancouver, British Columbia08-11-02
Steven RichardsShawn StasiakVancouver, British Columbia08-11-02
Tommy DreamerSteven RichardsVancouver, British Columbia08-11-02
RavenTommy DreamerTerre Haute, IN08-17-02
Shawn StasiakRavenTerre Haute, IN08-17-02
Tommy DreamerShawn StasiakTerre Haute, IN08-17-02
Shawn StasiakTommy DreamerEvansville, IN08-18-02
Steven RichardsShawn StasiakEvansville, IN08-18-02
Tommy DreamerSteven RichardsEvansville, IN08-18-02
BradshawTommy DreamerNorfolk, VA08-19-02
Crash HollyBradshawNorfolk, VA08-19-02
Tommy DreamerCrash HollyNorfolk, VA08-19-02
Rob Van DamTommy DreamerNew York, NY08-26-02