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Saturday, Aug 19 | 8/7 PMC

Barclays Center
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WWE NXT Results : Full Details


Andrade "Cien" Almas def. Johnny Gargano

Johnny Gargano drills Andrade "Cien" Almas with a slingshot spear: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III (WWE Network Exclusive)

Johnny Gargano unloads with a flurry of vicious strikes on Andrade "Cien" Almas at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Brooklyn, N.Y. — The new-and-improved Andrade “Cien” Almas put a damper on what was supposed to be the revival of Johnny Wrestling, after an assist from Zelina Vega put the heralded luchador over the top.

This was an important bout for both Almas and Gargano, as both Superstars were counting on TakeOver: Brooklyn III to transform their past misfortunes into newfound success. However, it was Almas who walked out of Brooklyn with a much-needed boost of momentum, while Gargano is left contemplating his next move.

Almas and Gargano showed why they are two of the most heralded in-ring technicians in the world during the early goings of this contest as they put on a wrestling clinic. The mat-wrestling exhibition quickly turned into a chop-off with both competitors channeling their inner Ric Flair by delivering vicious chops across the chest.

Gargano’s trademark energized attack that was so popular during his #DIY days was on full display in his singles TakeOver debut. But, for every Gargano kick or dive through the ropes, Almas responded with his own incredible arsenal of high-impact maneuvers.

Almas appeared to have victory on numerous occasions, only to have the resilient Gargano kick out at the count of two. Johnny Wrestling fought back, at one-point rallying behind the roar of the Brooklyn crowd.

Gargano seemed primed for victory when Vega suddenly threw a #DIY T-shirt into his arms. As Gargano looked confused at the white-and-blue garment, Almas pounced with a dropkick, followed by his trademark hammerlock DDT for the win.

The loss is a tough blow for Gargano, who needed this to be a distraction of sorts from the wounds suffered at the hands of Tommaso Ciampa at TakeOver: Chicago, only to have it become a painful reminder.

As for Almas, he is quickly living up to the hype that followed him to NXT thanks to the guidance from his new business manager Zelina Vega. With the fiery Vega in his corner, it seems the sky’s the limit for Almas.


SAnitY def. The Authors of Pain to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions

Brawl between SAnitY and The Authors of Pain spills into the crowd: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III (WWE Network Exclusive)

Eric Young pulls Akam over the barricade as their battle takes an out-of-control turn: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

SAnitY closed the book on The Authors of Pain’s NXT Tag Team Title reign with an impressive victory in front of a frenzied NXT Universe in Brooklyn.

Akam & Rezar’s reign atop NXT’s tag team division has been highlighted by destruction, devastation and, well, pain. But at TakeOver: Brooklyn III the titleholders met their match in Alexander Wolfe & Eric Young who managed to match The Authors’ penchant for pain.

This gigantic showdown appeared to have all the makings of a power vs. power matchup as Akam & Rezar rushed the ring, sending their challengers from the squared-circle before the bell even rang.

The Authors of Pain controlled the contest early on before they were thrown a curveball by SAnitY. With Killian Dain waiting to get tagged into the contest, SAnitY’s leader, Eric Young, instead stepped onto the apron and received the tag from Wolfe. The move, although unorthodox, was legal since Dain had yet to be officially tagged into the contest.

SAnitY pulled out all the stops in this chaotic bout. Nikki Cross and Dain both got in on the “fun” with the crazed Cross leaping into the arms of Akam. After The Author of Pain caught Cross, Dain followed with a massive crossbody that sent both Cross and Akam through a table. Back inside the ring, Wolfe and Young combined to topple Rezar and pick up the victory en route to becoming the new NXT Tag Team Champions.

As if this clash of monsters didn’t provide enough carnage for the Brooklyn crowd, recent NXT newcomers Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly added to the mayhem by invading the ring to lay a beatdown on the new NXT Tag Team Champions as well as the fallen Authors of Pain.

What does this surprise assault mean for NXT’s tag team division? And with SAnitY now holding the NXT Tag Team Championship, what insanity will follow?


Aleister Black def. Hideo Itami

Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami

Hideo Itami is the latest NXT Superstar to Fade to Black after falling to the devastating Aleister Black’s Black Mass kick to the face.

This highly-anticipated showdown involving two of the hardest kickers in the world of wrestling didn’t disappoint as both Superstars wowed the NXT Universe with a barrage of strikes that reverberated throughout Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

This clash was not for the faint of heart as Black’s face would attest. Itami had Black grounded and busted open early on as he appeared ready to hand Black his first NXT loss.

This brutal bout would test both Superstars’ resiliency as they unloaded one devastating maneuver after another. Itami had Black on his heels, but his boisterous demands for respect and taunts would ultimately prove costly. As Itami charged, Black ducked out of the way before delivering a jaw-rattling Black Mass for the win.

This epic clash could end up proving to be a pivotal turning point for both Black and Itami who seem headed in opposite directions. For the extremely talented and highly-acclaimed Itami, will the Japanese Superstar be able to rebound from his latest high-profile loss?

Meanwhile, for Black, he picks up another decisive victory to continue his imposing undefeated streak as the number of Superstars left in NXT for Black to defeat is dwindling.


NXT Women’s Champion Asuka def. Ember Moon

Ember Moon drills Asuka with a painful tornado suplex: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III (WWE Network Exclusive)

Ember Moon tries to keep Asuka reeling in their NXT Women's Championship Match: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Asuka’s historic reign over NXT’s women’s division …. remains intact. The Empress of Tomorrow prevailed over Ember Moon in arguably her greatest challenge to date.

Moon looked like she was shot out of a cannon with a lightning-quick start against the undefeated Asuka. However, after withstanding Moon’s initial onslaught, Asuka would pounce before taking control of the bout. The titleholder slowed the pace of the match as she bent Moon’s arm like a pretzel.

Asuka’s methodical attack would only hold for so long though, as this championship contest eventually turned into an all-out slugfest. Both champion and challenger took turns unleashing high-impact maneuvers to the delight of the NXT Universe.

Moon would gain the advantage as she climbed the tope rope and hit her Eclipse finishing maneuver. The crowd erupted in anticipation of a three-count, only to watch in shock as The Empress of Tomorrow kicked out at two!

Moon climbed back to the top rope, but Asuka pulled the referee in front of her. Instead, Moon soared over the referee, hitting the titleholder with a crossbody. The NXT Women’s Champion reversed the move into a pin attempt, but before the referee counted to three he noticed Asuka was holding Moon’s tights. 

This dramatic championship showdown reached an absolute frenzied pace as the NXT Universe could feel the end was near for one of these competitors. After escaping another near-fall, Asuka caught her challenger in the Asuka Lock.

Moon fought with all her might, but had to tap out as the submission maneuver became overwhelming.

In what is becoming NXT: TakeOver’s version of “Groundhog Day,” the NXT Universe will once again wake up Sunday morning with Asuka as its NXT Women’s Champion and the question of who is worthy of challenging her.


Drew McIntyre def. Bobby Roode to become the new NXT Champion

Adam Cole makes his NXT debut with a savage superkick on Drew McIntyre: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III (WWE Network Exclusive)

Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish gang up on new NXT Champion Drew McIntyre at TakeOver: Brooklyn III: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

“We are NXT!” proved to be more than just a rallying cry as Drew McIntyre toppled Bobby Roode and claimed the NXT Championship not just for himself, but the entire NXT Universe.

The onetime “Chosen One” overcame a long, embattled journey to fulfill his destiny in a grueling battle in Brooklyn.

It became immediately apparent that the challenger’s size and strength advantage would play a big part in this storied contest. The Scottish challenger towered over Roode who utilized cutting chops and veteran guile to tear down his opponent.

Roode methodically picked apart his opponent as he has done to so many foes before him. But, unlike previous challengers, McIntyre managed to use his awesome combination of strength and speed to continually battle back.

Then, almost out of nowhere, McIntyre launched out of the corner, hitting the Claymore on the champion. However, the crafty Roode rolled closer to the ropes, allowing him to get a foot on the bottom rope before McIntyre could capture the three-count.

The challenger would return the favor moments later after Roode nailed him with The Glorious DDT, kicking out just before the referee’s hand hit the mat a third time. The Glorious One pounced again though, nailing a second Glorious DDT.

This time, instead of going for the pin, Roode lifted his challenger back to his feet to attempt a third devastating DDT. McIntyre was prepared though, as he fought back with a headbutt to the titleholder before unleashing a second Claymore for the dramatic victory.

In yet another shocking turn of events, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly appeared for a second time in the evening as they stood on the apron during McIntyre’s celebration. Only, they were only two-thirds of the equation as multiple time World Champion Adam Cole blindsided McIntyre. The trio of Fish, O’Reilly and Cole proceeded to beat down the new NXT Champion before Cole hit a superkick on the embattled NXT Champion.

Cole – flanked by Fish and O’Reilly – stood over a fallen McIntyre holding the NXT Championship, leaving the NXT Universe to wonder what these three men have in store for NXT.