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Thursday, Feb 17 | 4/3 PMC

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Thursday, Feb 17 | 4/3 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: Feb. 17, 2022

Sam Gradwell def. Kenny Williams

Calling yourself “The Scum of the Earth” sets the bar pretty high (or low), but Kenny Williams somehow lived up to his moniker before, during and after his clash with Sam Gradwell.

For starters, Williams feigned a knee injury prior to the bout, hobbling into the entranceway on crutches and claiming that “There was a terrible accident, and I hurt my knee.” Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala popped up on the TitanTron, however, and he immediately ordered that the match be started since there was no record of Williams suffering an injury.

During the bout, Williams attempted to gain the upper hand by grabbing The Thunderstorm by his mohawk, but Gradwell soon sat down on top of his foe to earn the three-count with a unique pinning combination.

And in one of the most disgusting acts the WWE Universe has seen since the inception of NXT UK, Williams snuck up behind Gradwell and repeatedly smashed him with one of his crutches before retrieving a pair of scissors, clipping off Gradwell’s mohawk, and maniacally laughing while making his exit as Gradwell fumed in the ring. 

Emilia McKenzie def. Angel Hayze

Looking to get back to basics after a series of surreal run-ins with the bizarre Isla Dawn – which included a recent loss to The White Witch – Emilia McKenzie accomplished the feat in a strong showing against upstart Superstar Angel Hayze.

Hayze, however, took the fight to McKenzie in the early goings, chucking her across the ring with a hip toss and a using a crafty rollup that yielded a two-count.

McKenzie got back on track when she landed a vicious swinging neckbreaker and a back suplex, and she sealed the win by dropping Hayze face-first into the canvas.

Stevie Turner def. Myla Grace

Stevie Turner has never been shy about talking a big game, though the “Futuristic, Four-Dimensional Superstar” proved unable to back up her bluster when she mocked Amale in the backstage area several weeks ago and subsequently lost to The French Hope.

Perhaps desperate for a win, Turner showed a nasty mean streak, downing Myla Grace with a Lou Thesz press, raining down right hands and booting her foe in the face several times.

Grace battled back with some strong strikes of her own and a tornado DDT, but Turner recovered in time to block a suplex attempt, land another kick to the face and drive Grace’s back into the mat for the three-count.

Jordan Devlin def. Wolfgang

With a singular swing of a steel chair in the backstage area last week, Jordan Devlin left Wolfgang in a crumbled heap and took his issues with Gallus to a vicious new level.

Naturally, The Last King of Scotland was in a foul mood, and he took his time punishing The Irish Ace with a series of stiff shoulder blocks before dropping him throat-first onto the ringside barricade.

Devlin, however, got back into the fight when he lifted his knees and drove them into his opponent’s midsection when Wolfgang was attempting a second-rope moonsault.

Wolfgang seemed to be in total control when he blistered Devlin with several strikes and nearly Speared him out of his boots, but Devlin recovered and caught him with a breathtaking Spanish Fly for a long-two count. The Irish Ace immediately followed up with a picture-perfect 450 Splash to finally seal the win.